Here’s a list of all the fun and random October holidays, ones that are best to enjoy as a family. Check out these fun & random holidays and pick a few to celebrate.


October, the tenth month of the year, is when Fall kicks into gear, and the leaves begin to change colors. But it’s not all about pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking – there are plenty of interesting holidays that you should be celebrating throughout October!

Monthly Holidays and Observances in October

Before we get to the list of daily holidays in October, October is also the National month of:

  • American Cheese Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Cookie Month
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • National Diabetes Month
  • National Pizza Month
  • National Popcorn Popping Month
  • National Vegetarian Month

Fun Holidays in October

Check out these fun & random October holidays you can celebrate. From National Taco Day and Cinnamon Bun Day to Beer and Pizza Day and World Smile Day, there’s a great reason to gather your friends or family and have a little fun.

OCT 1National Homemade Cookies Day
World Vegetarian Day
Astronomy Day
Balloons Around the World Day
International Coffee Day
OCT 2World Farm Animals Day
Phileas Fogg Wager Day
Fried Scallops Day
OCT 3Favorite Pumpkin Food or Drink Day
OCT 4National Frappe Day
National Golf Day
National Taco Day
Cinnamon Bun Day
OCT 5Do Something Nice Day
World Teacher’s Day
OCT 6National Noodle Day
Mad Hatter Day
OCT 7International Walk to School Day
National Flower Day
World Smile Day
Frappe Day
You Matter to Me Day
OCT 8Pierogi Day
World Egg Day
Fluffernutter Day
Salmon Day
OCT 9Beer and Pizza Day
Curious Events Day
Fire Prevention Day
Moldy Cheese Day
OCT 10National Angel Food Cake Day
Kick Butt Day
World Mental Health Day
Metric System Day
World Homeless Day
Cake Decorating Day
World Sight Day
Handbag Day
OCT 11Sausage Pizza Day
International Day of the Girl Child
It’s My Party Day
OCT 12Free Thought Day
Farmer’s Day
Gumbo Day
World Arthritis Day
OCT 13Fossil Day
Yorkshire Pudding Day
Train Your Brain Day
M&M Day
No Bra Day
OCT 14Dessert Day
OCT 15Grouch Day
Cheese Curd Day
Mushroom Day
Conflict Resolution Day
Sweetest Day
Global Handwashing Day
OCT 16Liqueur Day
Dictionary Day
World Food Day
OCT 17Pay Back a Friend Day
Dragon Blood Tree Day
OCT 18National Chocolate Cupcake Day
National Meatloaf Appreciation Day
No Beard Day
OCT 19Seafood Bisque Day
OCT 20International Sloth Day
Brandied Fruit Day
Youth Confidence Day
OCT 21Reptile Day
Babbling Day
Count Your Buttons Day
International Nacho Day
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Back to the Future Day
World Champagne Day
Mammography Day
Apple Day
OCT 22National Nut Day
Smart is Cool Day
Pit Bull Awareness Day
World Planting Day
Mother-in-law Day
OCT 23Boston Cream Pie Day
Mole Day
OCT 24United Nations Day
Bologna Day
OCT 25Greasy Foods Day
World Pasta Day
OCT 26Pumpkin Day
National Mincemeat Day
Stronger Together Day
OCT 27Navy Day
Black Cat Day
Carignan Day
Favorite Salad Day
Mentoring Day
OCT 28Make a Difference Day
International Animation Day
National Chocolate Day
Breadstick Day
Plush Animal Day
OCT 29Hermit Day
National Frankenstein Day
International Internet Day
Oatmeal Day
OCT 30Checklist Day
Publicist Day
Candy Corn Day
Mischief Night
OCT 31Doorbell Day
Knock-Knock Jokes Day
World Cities Day
Caramel Apple Day
Carve a Pumpkin Day

So there you have it! You now have lots of fun and funky days to celebrate during the month of October. What October Holidays will you be celebrating??

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