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Hannah is the blogger behind Pages, Places, & Plates, a blog dedicated to reading, eating, and travelling. Her passion is sharing her experiences with others and helping them to make the right decision for their next book, food, or travel venture. She lives in Essex, England, on the Sunshine Coast with her partner and her Kuomba, her African giant mantis.

10 Easy Ways To Jazz Up Your Summer Salad Recipes

Are you getting bored with repetitive and unexciting salads? Time to mix things up! Check out some great ways to jazz up your summer salad recipes here.

10 Easy Ways To Save The Environment At Home That You May Not Have Heard Of

Want to do more for the planet? Here are 10 easy ways to save the environment at home that you may not have heard of yet.

14 Healthy Versions Of Junk Food & Tasty Treats That Kids Will Love

Whether you're looking for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or snacks, the below list contains loads of great recipes to let you enjoy junk food without risking your health.

5 Simple Salad Dressings To Bring Your Side Salads To Life

Salads don't have the best rep. Sometimes they're seen as lifeless, or simply filler to add some green to a meal. I'm...

12 Essential Kitchen Tools To Make Cooking Simple

Do you find that cooking is too difficult or complicated? Here are the most essential kitchen tools to make it easier for you.

20 Tasty Dinner Recipes With Five Ingredients Or Less

There are so many tasty recipes out there, however many contain loads of ingredients which can make them quite difficult to make!...

10 Best Ingredients To Put In Smoothies And Juices

With spring fully in bloom it’s a great time to start adding smoothies and juices back into your diet.

Seven Eco-Friendly Tips To Be More Sustainable In The Kitchen

I go on about it a lot, but sustainability is so important for all of right now. There are so many...

15 Fun Easter Recipes For Kids

Baking tasty treats is one of the best parts of Easter, so here are 15 fun Easter recipes for kids that are easy to make and yummy to eat!

Top 10 Essential Ingredients For Cooking That You Need In Your Kitchen Cupboard

I love cooking, but I need it to be easy. I’m pretty good at making it as easy as possible now, but...

15 Easy Dinner Recipes For Families That Are Perfect For Busy Weeknights

A collection of super easy dinner recipes for those evenings where you just need a break... All with minimal prep time and really tasty!

Five Ways To Make Cooking Easy (Even If You Work And Have Kids!)

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day of work to a laborious hour of slaving over a hot stove...

Five Foodie Experience Gifts For Mother’s Day For The Perfect Present

Five great Mother's Day gift suggestions for mothers that really love food, all focused around days out and experiences for both of you to enjoy.

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