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15 Fun Easter Recipes For Kids

Easter is a great holiday for kids because there’s so much that you can do with them during their time off, from making Easter crafts and decoration to spending the time at the local farm park.

Baking is a massive hit this time of year, with so many fun Easter recipes for kids available online.

In this post I’ve rounded up fifteen of my favourite, kid-friendly recipes that’ll keep your little ones occupied during the festive time.

Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles

The best way to start Easter is with a tasty snack, but with so many unhealthy chocolate eggs on their way it’s hard not to add to it! I love these as they’re simple, fun, and much healthier than other alternatives.

Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles
Photo from Eats Amazing

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Rice Krispie Nests

Chocolate nests are an absolute given with Easter. We usually make milk chocolate shredded wheat nests, however, I love making white chocolate rice krispie nests for a change. The “grass” that goes with the eggs is a lovely added touch!

Rice Krispie Nests - popular fun Easter recipes for kids
Photo from Crafty Morning

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Easter Bunny Marbled Cut Out Cookies

Kids will love how colourful and pretty these cookies are, and they’re actually really easy to make. I adore the little bunny tails!

Easter Bunny Marbled Cut Out Cookies
Photo from Made To Be A Momma

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Easy No-Bake Chocolate Bunny Treats

Another tasty bunny treat, these are particularly great for kids because they don’t involve any baking plus they’re fun to decorate. Be warned though – they won’t last long!

Easy No-Bake Chocolate Bunny Treats
Photo from A Cultivated Nest

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Rice Krispie Easter Chicks

There’s something about treats that have a face – they’re just so much cuter. Another rice krispie recipe, these chicks are easy to make with the kids and are perfect for an Easter party.

Rice Krispie Easter Chicks
Photo from Crafty Morning

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Mini Lemon Flower Tarts

I love to celebrate the abundance of flowers during Easter so floral cakes and biscuits are a must. These mini lemon flower tarts are gorgeous to look at, plus they only have two ingredients!

Mini Lemon Flower Tarts
Photo from Kid And Kin

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Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes

I absolutely love this recipe as it’s great for lots of kids to make at the same time. It would work really well at an Easter party! Bake the cakes beforehand then set up a decorating session for a fun Easter activity.

Marshmallow Sheep Cupcakes - fun Easter recipes for kids
Photo from Teaching Autism

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Cinnamon Sugar Easter Bunny Twists

These pastry bunnies look gorgeous but are actually quite easy for kids to make, who will be able to join in with the fun dough twisting. And the eating part, of course!

Cinnamon SUgar Easter Bunny Twists
Photo from It’s Always Autumn

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Easter Biscuits

Another fun decorating activity, all this recipe requires is biscuits, icing, and sprinkles. So easy, but great for kids who love decorating their own tasty treats.

Easter Biscuits
Photo from Oh So Busy Mum

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Rainbow Jell-O Easter Eggs

What’s a celebration without jelly? These rainbow jelly eggs are a great alternative to chocolate and kids will love making them super colourful.

Rainbow Jell-O Easter Eggs - fun Easter recipes for kids
Photo from Spend With Pennies

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Easter Chocolate Bark

This is possibly the sugariest Easter recipe I’ve come across, but kids go absolutely wild for it. Bark is so easy to make, and it’s also really customisable, so children can add whatever treats they like.

Easter Chocolate Bark
Photo from Taming Twins

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Easter Bunny Cookie Treats

These are one of my favourite fun Easter recipes for kids because they’re just so adorable! I love how each bunny cuddles an Easter egg, and your kids will surely love making them as well.

Easter Bunny Cookie Treats
Photo from Fun Loving Families

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Easy Easter Egg Pops

This recipe uses pre-prepared rice krispie eggs, however, they can easily be made using rice krispies and white chocolate if you can’t buy them in stores. A tasty treat that kids will love making and eating!

Easy Easter Egg Pops
Photo from Coffee Cups And Crayons

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Carrot Patch Brownies

There are lots of different elements in this recipe that kids can get involved with, and the end result is wonderful. This would make a great feature cake for an Easter party!

Carrot Patch Brownies
Photo from Delish

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Build Your Own Easter Egg Pancakes

And finally, here’s another great breakfast idea that makes it fun. Kids love decorating, so why not get them to decorate their own Easter egg pancakes? You can even make them pretty healthy!

Build Your Own Easter Egg Pancakes - fun Easter recipes for kids
Photo from The Joys Of Boys

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What’s your favourite Easter treat to make with your kids? If you enjoyed these fun Easter recipes for kids then you’ll also love this great post on Easter Coloring Pages For All.

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Bethany Jane

Thursday 14th of May 2020

These are all absolutely adorable! I know Easter is over now, but I really missed getting to do fun activities with my nephews and nieces. When lockdown is over I might have a very belated Easter party and show off with a few of these fab recipes!

Pages, Places and Plates

Friday 15th of May 2020

That's a great idea, actually! Easter just wasn't the same this year.


Sunday 29th of March 2020

Love this post! I've got an Easter baking pintrest board going alrady!


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

These look so cute! I'd make them for myself! 😉

Pages, Places and Plates

Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Me too! I'm ready to make the whole lot as a way to entertain myself over the next few weeks!


Saturday 21st of March 2020

I'm 100% making these with my daughter this weekend! Thanks for the great ideas.

Pages, Places and Plates

Saturday 21st of March 2020

I hope you both enjoy! Baking is such a lovely activity to do with little ones when you're stuck in the house, too.

Jenny in Neverland

Saturday 21st of March 2020

For kids... I think not! I'd love to make all of these as an adult! Especially the rice krispy nests! x

Vickie Louise

Saturday 21st of March 2020

I agree with you, but I will share them out... 1 for my son and 2 for me. Does that make me a bad parent? 😏 nah, I'm bigger then he is 🤣