Whether you want to make soap for yourself or your family or as a homemade gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday, there are so many awesome handmade soap recipes for you to try!

Homemade Soap Recipes

Why not try making your own natural soap at home? Not only is it a fun and creative activity, but it also allows you to control what ingredients go into your soap.

With these super easy-to-make DIY soap recipes, you can nourish and pamper your skin while steering clear of anything that may irritate your skin.

Don’t wait to try your hand at these easy recipes! You and your skin will love them! Also, try your hand at making DIY Bath Bombs or DIY Sugar Scrubs.

Benefits of Making Your Own Soap

  • You know exactly what goes into your soap
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and potential irritants found in store-bought soaps
  • Customizable scents and ingredients to suit your preferences
  • Cost-effective alternative to buying expensive specialty soaps

Basic Materials Needed for DIY Soap Making

Before we dive into the recipes, here are some basic materials you will need to get started:

  • Melt-and-pour soap base
  • Essential oils or fragrance oils for scent
  • Soap molds
  • Double boiler or microwave-safe container for melting soap base
  • Measuring cups and spoons

Soap Making Kits

If you like the convenience of crafting from a kit, give these a try!

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft & Science Kit

Soap Making Kit – Buy it here

Klutz Make Your Own Soap Jellies Craft Kit

Soap Jellies Kit – Buy it here

29 Soap Recipes to DIY at Home

Easy DIY Shark Toy Soap For Kids
This adorable shark kids soap DIY will be a huge hit! Make them for your kids, and all the kids you know! After the soap is used, they will enjoy the fun bath toy.
Check it out!
Sunflower Soap Bars
These gorgeous soap bars are a super easy diy. These goat’s milk soap bars are going to be one of your favorites, with the lovely light scent of fresh sunflowers. This is the perfect recipe for beginners too!
Check it out!
cinnamon apple soap final
Cinnamon Apple Soap Bars
These cinnamon apple soap bars smell delightful! They are naturally colored with ground cinnamon, which results in the gorgeous brown speckles that you see. Make these soap bars for yourself, or make a double batch for gifting!
Check it out!
Rainbow Layered Soap
homemade multicolor soap
Photo credit: growing up gabel
DIY rainbow layered soap is an easy soap recipe made with melt and pour soap base that is dyed and then layered for a fun, easy craft perfect for adults and kids.
Check out this craft!
Gummy Bear Shower Jelly Soaps
Gummy Bear Shower Jelly Soaps
Photo credit: happiness is homemade
Quick and easy gummy bear shower jelly soaps make a great homemade gift idea! Make your own DIY Lush shower jellies in fun shapes, colors, and fragrances!
Check out this craft!
Geode Soap
Photo credit: soap deli news
Make your own geode soaps with this geode soap tutorial that teaches you how to make homemade soaps that look like crystal geode soap rocks!
Check out this craft!
Crescent Moon Cold Process Soap
Photo credit: soap queen
Embrace dark colors, a moody fragrance and spooky theme with this Crescent Moon Cold Process Soap,
Check out this craft!
DIY Gradient Soap Bars
Make your own beautiful soaps that look like they came from a high end store with ease.
Check out this craft!
Coconut Shea Butter Soap
Photo credit: simply stacie
Making your own soap couldn’t be easier! This Coconut Shea Butter Soap smells heavenly and feels luxurious on your skin.
Check out this craft!
Cosmic Cotton Candy Soap
Cotton Candy Melt and Pour Soap DIY
Photo credit: soap queen
Learn how to make this Cosmic Cotton Candy Soap! It’s made with blue and pink soap, plenty of sparkle, and smells just like cotton candy.
Check out this craft!
Lavender Lemon Soap
Lavender Lemon Soap Recipe
Photo credit: a pumpkin and a princess
This easy lavender lemon soap recipe makes a great gift idea.
Check out this craft!
Orange Zest Lemon Soap
Orange Zest Lemon Soap FB
Photo credit: Mom Makes Joy
This orange zest lemon soap smells like summer! Made with orange zest, lemon essential oil, clear melt-and-pour soap base, and vitamin E, it’s sure to delight!
Check out this craft!
Goat’s Milk Citrus Soap
Photo credit: hello wonderful
These pretty soaps are an an easy and useful gift that kids can make with just a few ingredients. The white goat’s milk shows off the citrus beautifully.
Check out this craft!
Charcoal Facial Soap
Photo credit: soap queen
This Tea Tree and Charcoal Facial Soap is perfect for combination to oily skin in mind. Contains activated charcoal, which gives the bars a rich black color.
Check out this craft!
Activated Charcoal Galaxy Soap
Cosmic Soap
Photo credit: beauty crafter
Activated Charcoal Soap makes a cool base for DIY Galaxy Soap – The cosmic effect makes this easy charcoal soap recipe extra exciting. The soap is a simple melt & pour!
Check out this craft!
DIY Peppermint Soap
Homemade Peppermint Soap1
Photo credit: a pumpkin and a princess
An easy melt and pour soap with peppermint essential oil.
Check out this craft!
Woodsy Cedarwood Soap
Winter Forest Soap as Christmas Gifts
Photo credit: garden therapy
This cedarwood soap smells just like a winter forest with cypress and sweet birch. These woodsy essential oils are so refreshing each morning!
Check out this craft!
Cinnamon Shea Butter Soap
Photo credit: frugal mom eh
The ground cinnamon in this cinnamon shea butter soap imparts a beautiful speckled-brown hue while the cinnamon eo adds spice and a home-baked scent.
Check out this craft!
Wild Rose and Yarrow Soap
Wild Rose Yarrow Soap Recipe
Photo credit: grow forage cook ferment
Wild Rose and Yarrow Soap, a lovely simple and natural soap made with wildcrafted ingredients!
Check out this craft!
Milk & Honey Soap
Easy Millk and Honey Soap Tutorial
Photo credit: happiness is homemade
This easy DIY Milk and Honey soap can be made in just 10 minutes, and it boasts lots of great skin benefits from the goat’s milk and honey! A great gift idea!
Check out this craft!
Rosemary Lemon Kitchen Soap
Photo credit: your beauty blog
Easy kitchen soap recipe with lemon essential oil and dried rosemary.
Check out this craft!
Citrus Summer Punch Swirl Soap
Photo credit: Humblebee & Me
These bright, colourful Citrus Summer Punch Swirl Soap bars are perfect for summer. They smell like fresh, juicy grapefruit and they’re basically a swirly chunk of beautiful sunny weather in sudsible form.
Check out this craft!
Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap
DIY Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap1
Photo credit: a pumpkin and a princess
An easy melt and pour soap recipe infused with lavender essential oil and calming chamomile tea.
Check out this craft!
Bergamot + Earl Grey soap
bergamot soap
Photo credit: lovely greens
All natural Earl Grey soap recipe featuring bergamot essential oil, dried Earl Grey tea, and rich oils including shea butter.
Check out this craft!
Rosewater + Pink Clay Soap
pinksoap 2
Photo credit: hello glow
Pink clay, rosewater and Himalayan pink salt come together to make a super pretty-in-pink clay soap bar that makes a great gift.
Check out this craft!
DIY Loofah Soap
DIY Loofa Soaps
Photo credit: beauty crafter
It is so easy to make exfoliating loofah soap at home. Here is a simple DIY Loofah Soap recipe to help you along in creating this fun craft.
Check out this craft!
DIY Gardener’s Scrub Soap
gardeners hand soap
Photo credit: mom foodie
Gardener’s Scrub Soap is easy to make and is a wonderful gift for your favorite gardener.
Check out this craft!

There you have it, 29 amazing handmade soap ideas for you to have fun making at home.

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