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50+ Best Nutella Recipes You Gotta Try

Nutella…it’s creamy chocolate and hazelnut goodness.

Here, at A Crazy Family have been searching through the blogosphere. on the hunt for the best of the best Nutella Recipes, so when that craving hits, as it does, you will be armed with a recipe that will be sure to hit the spot!

We have pulled together a list of drinks, breakfasts, desserts that are sure to turn even a non-Nutella addict into a raving fan!

In our opinion, you can never have too many Nutella recipes. Drinks, breakfasts, treats… Oh my! It’s so hard to choose a favorite!


Nutella Drinks Recipes

Nutella Iced Coffee is a tasty treat to enjoy any time of day. It contains two of my favorite things ever – Nutella and Iced Coffee and the combination is magic!

This Kid Sized Chocolate Nutella Milkshake is sized just for kids. Not too big, but big enough so they feel they are getting a real treat!

An easy and creamy Nutella Hot Chocolate that is sure to please and is heaven in a cup on a cold day!

A fast and easy Homemade Creamy Nutella Liqueur is so creamy and chocolatey and makes the perfect holiday drink.

This Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys is perfect for a last-minute gift, quick to make but not quick to forget.

This quick and easy Nutella Ferrero Rocher Milkshake is sure to help you refresh after a hot and tiring day. Prepared with all-time kids favorite Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, this milkshake is just perfect for everyone.


Amazing Nutella Treats (Perfect for Breakfast or Dessert)

I was going to split these up, but most of these you definitely could eat at any time of the day. Have Cookies for Breakfast or Pancakes for dessert… I won’t tell!

Stuffed with Nutella, this Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is sure going to be a firm favorite.

Nutella Stuffed Crescent Rolls are so simple to make and you only need two ingredients but you could add sliced bananas, strawberries, different flavors of jam, peanut butter or even marshmallows to the croissants for an even more indulgent breakfast or dessert.

Pizza crust seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, baked and then topped with Nutella and banana slices…..and, wait, there’s more…. then drizzled with caramel sauce….holy moly, this Caramel Banana Nutella Pizza is out. of. this. world!

If you’ve never had a waffle filled with a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread and topped with fruit, you have no idea what you’re missing – so I’m telling you… these Nutella Fruit Waffles are not to be missed!

These Nutella Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies are the ultimate decadent Valentine’s Day (or anytime) dessert! One bite reveals the sweet secret inside. These chewy red velvet cookies are stuffed with decadent Nutella!

This Banana & Cranberry Baked Oats with Nutella Drizzle is most likely the healthiest option in our mega list BUT it’s no less tasty, in fact, its a decadent tasting but balanced breakfast the whole family will love.

If you’re wanting to make something special this weekend, definitely make it this Banana Nutella Croissant French Toast Casserole!

Strawberries and Nutella always go well together and is truly yummy! Here’s a really easy recipe for a Fluffy Strawberry Nutella Dessert In A Jar.

Turn overripe bananas into sweet treats like this delicious Nutella and Banana Swirl Bread. This bread is not only easy to make but its also So. Darn. Good.

These scrumptious Nutella Rice Krispie Treats combine a favorite lunchbox treat with creamy, decadent chocolate spread for a fun twist on the classic!

Italian Nutella Crumb Cake makes for a decadent fast and easy dessert or treat.

I love these Nutella Peanut Butter Banana S’more Burritos and I really like that items can be substituted or omitted to fit what you have on hand.

Who knew that gingerbread, Nutella, and lime make such a great trio? These flavors really do perfectly balance each other in these delicious Gingerbread Yule Log Cookies.

These Two Ingredient Nutella Crescents are incredibly simple BUT also simply amazing.

These Nutella Stuffed Baked Pears in Puff Pastry are an easy fall dessert that can be ready in less than 30 minutes and requires only 5 ingredients.

Chocolate Nutella Mousse with Strawberries is a simple dessert which is rich in flavor, quick to make and tastes delicious.

These No Bake Nutella Fudge Bars are going to be your new favorite thing. They are super simple, super sweet and super indulgent.

The Ultimate Nutella Cheesecake, an indulgent no-bake cake that’s rich, yet light at the same time, and its wonderful orange aroma gives it a nice zesty touch.

These Baked Peanut Butter Nutella Donuts are perfect for satisfying even the biggest of donut cravings and the best part… they are ready in about 30 mins.

These indulgent Nutella Stuffed Cookies will become your new favorite treat! In this recipe, chewy chocolate cookies filled with chocolate chips surround a rich Nutella center… Yummy!

This Nutella Frosting works great on cookies and also works well on a cake. Also, there are only 3 ingredients.

Pumpkin pie bars with Nutella create a terrifically tasty twist on the classic pumpkin pie.

These gorgeous Layered Nutella Cheesecake Bars have a crisp chocolate graham cracker base, a rich Nutella cheesecake center, and a light and fluffy whipped cream topping.

Fried Nutella Hand Pies are super simple to put together and the ultimate treat for Nutella lovers!

Nutella Hummus is a delicious protein packed sweet dessert dip that’s easy to make and a perfectly healthy sweet treat!

These Banana and Nutella Chocolate Crepes are perfect for those days when you’re craving dessert first thing in the morning.

Why settle for a regular Chocolate Panna Cotta when you can easily make this Nutella Panna Cotta with Candied Hazelnuts?

These Pumpkin Nutella Muffins are a delicious treat for breakfast or an afternoon treat.

Three. Ingredient. Nutella. Brownies. One-bowl and 5-minutes-of-prep equal totally perfect Nutella brownies.

These Bacon And Nutella Stuffed Waffles are all the great things about breakfast combined in one.

Just like the classic jam thumbprint cookies, but these Peanut Butter Nutella Thumbprint Cookies are better!

Pretzel Popsicles with Nutella Fudge Chunks are delicious – creamy, salty, crunchy, fudgy. Basically everything you could want in a pop.

These Nutella Brownies have it all. The crackly top, the ultra fudgy, melt-in-the-mouth brownie and the ooey-gooey pockets of Nutella throughout.

Enjoy these Nutella Oatmeal Cookies with a cold glass of milk for the kiddies or a strong espresso for the adults.

These rich, buttery 5 Ingredient Sugar-Free Nutella Bars are paleo, low carb, and made with only five ingredients. But you’ll never believe it when you taste them!

This one is for the Grown-ups – Try this delicious Nutella Baileys Brownie Cake for a scrumptious dessert.

Super easy, super yummy Nutella S’mores Truffles, a crowd pleaser that is simple, no-bake and it includes everyone’s favorite, Nutella.

Sheet Chocolate Cake with Nutella Filling, chocolate ganache glaze and whipped cream, the ultimate dessert. Rich, chocolaty, heaven.

Are there any two things that work together better than peanut butter and chocolate? And that is why these Peanut Butter Nutella Cookies are heaven in every mouthful.

Love Chocolate? Great, Then you’ll absolutely love this French Chocolate Fondant Lava Cake!

Get breakfast, lunch or dinner on the table FAST and serve up the delicious Chocolate & Hazelnut Stuffed Pancakes!

Nutella or cookie butter? You can adapt these Super Easy Nutella & Cookie Butter Cake Bars to either or why not use them both!

Whole Wheat Almond Nutella Sheet Pancake is an easy make-ahead breakfast you need on lazy days.

What can be better than Nutella and peanut butter?! That is why you need these Nutella Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies in your life.


Make Your Own Nutella

Ok, I guess it wouldn’t actually be “Nutella”, but this Sugar-Free Nutella Recipe is extremely good, and perfect for if you like to make your own and know exactly what’s going into it!

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