Coffee is delicious and a great way to add flavor to desserts. From cakes and cupcakes to cookies and more, these easy and delicious treats are made with coffee, and they all taste amazing.

coffee dessert recipes

Coffee Dessert Recipes

Savor the unique flavor of freshly brewed java in a sweet and delicious treat with these yummy coffee dessert recipes that will bring your favorite drink to life in the form of scrumptious treats!

From cakes to spongy treats studded with espresso chips, these coffee dessert recipes are sure to be a hit for your next get-together or special occasion.


  • Get all of your ingredients ready before you begin.
  • Use a hot knife to cut your cold desserts.


coffee slice blog hero

No Bake Coffee Slice
This coffee-flavored dessert is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like baking but still want a sweet. This one sets in the fridge to make a rich, chocolatey dessert that has just the right kick.

coffee caramel macadamia pie

Coffee Caramel Macadamia Pie
Combine all of your favorites into one decadent pie with this recipe. It has a sweet, nutty flavor that is sure to hit the spot.

carmel cupcakes 4

Double Caramel Macchiato Cupcakes
Make a cupcake that doubles your pleasure by adding so much caramel flavor to every bite.

white russian tiramisu cake recipe vertical 03

White Russian Tiramisu
Upgrade your tiramisu experience by giving it a unique and tasty flavor addition with white russian vibes! Coffee lovers are going to want a second serving of this!

coffee cupcakes 2 768×1152 1

Coffee Cupcakes
This recipe brings a great coffee flavor to cupcakes for the perfect portion of dessert!

tiramisu macarons 0413

Tiramisu Macarons
Bring a classic coffee treat to your favorite little cookie. This tiramisu macaron recipe is sure to be a favorite!

ic creme brulee w shot glass

Irish Cream Creme Brulee
Creme brulee gets a very grown-up vibe with this recipe that puts very strong coffee into the mix for an impressively easy dessert.

sliced apple crisp macchiato bars

Apple Crisp Macchiato
Apple crisp is always nice, but this recipe brings a big macchiato flavor to the mix for a sweet that you might not want to share. It is that good!

Coffee Cinnamon Rolls Feature1

Coffee Cinnamon Rolls
Bring two breakfast classics together to make the most impressive dessert ever. These flaky cinnamon rolls have the perfect coffee flavor.

Peppermint Mocha Cookies Lined on a table topped with candy cane pieces and candy canes around them

Peppermint Mocha Cookies
Peppermint and mocha make for the best cookies! You are going to love to make these near the holidays to help fuel Santa’s trip!

Chocolate and Coffee Biscotti The Heirloom Pantry 2

Double Chocolate Chip Coffee Biscotti
No need to go to the bakery to get your fresh biscotti fix. With this recipe, you can double the chocolate and add some coffee to the mix for the best snack!


Coffee Spice Bars
These spice bars are made with dates, walnuts, and of course, coffee, to make a great dessert or afternoon snack.

Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Muffins 2

Cappuccino Chocolate Muffins
Cappuccino and chocolate are perfect partners to make muffins. These are a delicious option for a grab-and-go breakfast, but they are so decadent you would love to have one for dessert.

banana nutella swirl bundt cake

Banana Nutella Coffee Swirl Bundt Cake
What happens when you combine bananas, coffee, and nutella? You get an amazing bundt cake that covers all of the bases for flavor.

Coffee Cookie Recipe 735×551.jpg

Coffee Cookies
These cookies have a kick of coffee and a delightful texture that you are going to fall in love with at the first bite.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans
Combine coffee and chocolate to make a really tasty candy. These are easy to make and perfect for sharing with a coffee-loving friend.

coffee cake ed 1.jpg

Cappuccino Cake
Coffee, whisky, and chocolate are such a great combination for a dessert that is delicious and so dreamy!

coffee and walnut loaf cake landscape e1645650493749

Coffee Walnut Loaf Cake
This loaf cake has the perfect flavor for pairing with a cup of coffee. Make this cake the next time you need a snack that has just the right amount of coffee mixed in.

Coffee Jelly Recipe

Coconut Cream and Coffee Layered Jelly
Give your coffee a little jiggle with this fun and tasty recipe! You are going to love how these flavors complement each other.

chocolate coffee truffles

Coffee Chocolate Truffles
Make these truffles to share with a friend who loves coffee! These are easy to make and so decadent.

Coffee and walnut cookies

Coffee Walnut Cookies
This cookie recipe is sure to be your favorite way to get your coffee fix in cookie form! So good!

mocha cupcakes hero 1200.jpg

Mocha Cupcakes
You are going to LOVE the way coffee and chocolate come together to make the best cupcake recipe ever!


Baked Coffee Donuts
No need to stop by the bakery to get your donut and coffee fix! This recipe is baked and a little healthier and so good!

Coffee Scone with Glaze

Brown Sugar Coffee Scones
If you love scones, then you need to make this recipe! It is so good! Coffee and brown sugar are just the things to mix together for an unforgettable baked good.

coffee banana cake 09

Banana Coffee Cake
Bananas and espresso are so good together! You are going to want to invite a friend over for coffee and cake after you bake this. It is so good you have to share a slice with someone special.

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