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21+ Best DIY Coffee Bars to Add to Your Home

Start your day off the best way possible with a cup of coffee made from one of these amazing DIY coffee station ideas!

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If you are like me, then your day officially doesn’t begin until you have enjoyed your first hot cup of jo!

Coffee is a big part of many people’s daily lives, so why not go the extra mile and make sure you have your very own coffee bar right in your kitchen?

Whether you prefer the classic farmhouse look to the perfect corner coffee station… no matter your current home decor or style, I’m sure you’ll find something here that will spark some creativity.

How to set up your own home coffee station

A DIY coffee bar in your home can help you entertain family, friends, loved ones. It can serve coffee, tea, and all their variations allowing you to focus on having a good time.

Why get something expensive when you can DIY yourself a coffee bar that you are likely to use every single day.

The options when it comes to designing your coffee bar are limitless, and you can tailor anything that fits your needs in terms of space and design.

If you are ready to start on the most useful project you’ll ever do, let’s get started on your DIY coffee bar options!

Hopefully, you can take some inspiration from these ideas and create your very own coffee station!

Home Coffee Bar Accessories

When you’re putting together your coffee bar, you cannot forget about the accessories.

Think about glass jars for storing coffee beans and sugar, a serving tray if you’re not having a trolley, along with some nice cups and some pretty napkins.

You may also want a milk frother and a coffee bean grinder.

Coffee Station Ideas

Whether you are setting up your home coffee bar on the countertop in your kitchen or on a cart, here are some fabulous ideas to inspire you.

Coffee Bar for K-Cups

With a K-cup holder, two coffee signs, a couple of tiny plants, and the coffee essentials… you can create an insanely cute mini coffee bar just like this one!

Photo credit: LF Rustics on Instagram

DIY Coffee Bar In Kitchen

If your mantra is “but first coffee”, you definitely need a special place for your drink.

Having a rustic, country-styled coffee bar like this may actually be a perfect idea. My favorite part is definitely that little coffee cup rack. Such a great idea!

Photo credit: MyModernCraft on Instagram

“Coffee Bar” Server with Shelves

Photo credit: Artsy Chicks Rule

The Ultimate Coffee Station

Photo credit: Kitchen Decor Pad

Colorful Spring Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Atta Girl Says

DIY Coffee Bar Cart

Photo credit: Fresh Mommy Blog

DIY Coffee Station

Photo credit: Making Manzanita

Easy DIY Coffee Bar Station

Photo credit: And Then Home

Farmhouse Lemon Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Savvy Saving Couple

Glass Top Pallet Board Table Coffee Bar

Photo credit: My Repurposed Life

Iced Coffee Bar

Photo credit: I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Source: Little Red Brick House

Kahlua Coffee Float Bar

Photo credit: Home Cooking Memories

Navy & Copper DIY Coffee Bar

Photo credit: The House of Wood

Norwegian Coffee Station

Photo credit: Only Deco Love

Organized Coffee Cabinet with Printable Labels

Photo credit: The Creativity Exchange

Outdated Hutch to Coffee Bar

Photo credit: DIY Beautify

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Bar

Photo credit: Funky Junk Interiors

Repurposed Buffet Coffee Station

Photo credit: My Repurposed Life

Super Storage Coffee Station

Photo credit: Houseful of Handmade

Valentine’s Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar

Photo credit: I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Vintage Christmas Coffee Bar

Photo credit: I Should Be Mopping The Floor

White Waxed Coffee Bar Makeover

Photo credit: Bless’er House

Ikea Coffee Bar Hack

Photo credit: The Inspired Hive

Farmhouse Coffee Corner in a Serving Tray

Photo credit: Source

Modern Minimalist Coffee Station

Photo credit: Source

Pegboard Coffee Station

Photo credit: Source

Coffee Corner Decor

Photo credit: Source

Quirky Coffee Signs

Photo credit: Source


Was there an idea here that has inspired you to create your very own coffee station?

P.S. If you are a big coffee fan, then check out this article about some of the health benefits of drinking coffee!

Coffee tends to be a ritual for a lot of us. Whether you like an on the go option or prefer to take it slow with a french press, something that you do every day should be appealing.

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