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40+ Mind-Blowing Bathroom Organization Hacks You Need To Know

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Whether you realize it or not, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. From taking showers to brushing our teeth, the bathroom is an essential room in our home.

Finding new ways to make your bathroom cleaner and more organized is a great strategy to speed up your morning routine and move on to the important parts of your day without leaving a mess behind.

So go… check out these bathroom hacks and start organizing your bathroom today!

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Wine Rack

Found From Cosmopolitan

I love how little counter space this hack uses. This will be your new favorite way to use a wine rack.

Small Drawers

Found From Pinterest

Turn old small drawers that are not in use anymore, into storage bins for small items.

Nail Polish Shelves

Found From Domestically-Speaking

While my collection of nail polish is limited, if I ever do collect more, then I will be building this. However, this may be great for other things too!

Lazy Susan

Found From House Beautiful

There are so many applications for this genius invention! Here is a great use for the lazy susan in the bathroom.

File Sorter

Found From The Real Coake Family

Office organization doesn’t have to be limited to the office space! Roll up your washcloths so they fit and hey presto…no more messy washcloths on the shelf!

Tension Rod

Found From Cosmopolitan

No one wants to waste precious real estate under the sink for storing cleaning supplies. This hack will allow you to organize both your beauty products and cleaning supplies in harmony. Be sure to check out the other 16 hacks from Cosmopolitan!

Hair Tools Shoe Organizer

Found From House Beautiful

Shoe organizers have no limits when it comes to making life more convenient. This looks awesome! Make sure to check out the other 19 hacks from House Beautiful!

Toilet Paper Shelf

Found From DIY Show Off

If you’d like to store some useful items above your loo roll, why not DIY an adorable little shelf such as this one!

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Found From The Country Chic Cottage

The classic mason jar is so versatile and this is an affordble, easy to clean option for storing your toothbrushes!

Towel Bars

Found From Jenna Burger

How’s this for a cute bathroom hack!? But, remember to use a door catcher, to prevent the rods from banging up against the wall.

Crown Molding Shelves

Found From Kevin & Amanda

I really like how you can’t see this when you first walk in the bathroom, so it’s sort of hidden.

These Easy Bathroom Organization Hacks will help you organize your home and life. For more brilliant bathroom hacks, check out

I would love to hear from you!

These bathroom hacks are so neat! Please let me know which hack is your favorite? And feel free to share some of your own favorite tips as well!

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