These easy American flag craft ideas are the perfect way to keep your kids entertained with fun projects this summer!

10 American Flag

Fun Flag Crafts

Right around mid-year in the US, people start gearing up for Independence Day. Of course, there are Flag Day and Memorial Day, among others, but American flag crafts can fit the decor throughout the year.

Kids love to make flag crafts, so here we have a whole collection of 10 American flag crafts for kids. These craft projects are great for encouraging imaginative play and are perfect for young and older kids alike.

These fun activities all use easy-to-find supplies, making them an affordable and fun choice to add to your summer bucket list.

From handprint flags to flags made with popsicle sticks or paper plates, these fun American flag crafts for kids are a wonderful screen-free activity.


If you’re ready to get started making your own flag craft, here are a few recommended craft supplies you may find useful…

Ready! Then check out this list and choose your favorite easy flag craft! Click on the craft title to view the instructions.

American Flag Crafts for Kids

American Flag Dot Marker Printable

American Flag Dot Marker Printable – This printable is designed for dot markers. Dot markers are a bit like bingo daubers but are designed for little ones to be able to use them easily.

American Flag 4th Of July Popsicle Stick Craft

American Flag 4th Of July Popsicle Stick Craft – Craft sticks make an appearance in this neat little craft. Alternating colored sticks are used to make the red and white stripes, while a printable makes the stars much easier to handle.

Paper Plate Patriotic Wreath

Paper Plate Patriotic Wreath – A flag wreath made with a paper plate and some tissue paper. Kids will love gluing the paper on the wreath, and it’s easy enough that most kids should be able to handle it on their own.

DIY Party Poppers

DIY Party Poppers – These American flag party poppers are so much fun to make! Plus, they can be modified to fit other holidays and be filled with multiple treats, confetti, or other items to fit the situation.

Handprint American Flag 4th of July Craft

Handprint American Flag 4th of July Craft – This flag craft takes things further by adding in a handprint. Not only is it a great memento of how little the kids were, but it’s also a great craft project for any flag-related holiday.

Magazine Mosaic Flag

Magazine Mosaic Flag – A good mosaic adds new life to an old or well-known image. Cutting out squares in the correct colors and letting kids glue them into place will result in an American flag ready to hang on the wall.

4th of July Pinwheels

4th of July Pinwheels – Paper pinwheels are a great craft project that most people haven’t ever tried actually making. The included printables make setting them up so easily, as well.

Handprint American Flag Craft

Handprint American Flag Craft – This is another take on the handprint American flag craft. Made of paint stirring sticks, it’s designed to hold up for years to come.

Ribbon Flag DIY

Ribbon Flag DIY – Red, white, and blue ribbons and burlap come together to make an interesting stylized flag. Any child old enough to tie a knot can help with this project.


American Flag Craft for 4th of July – These flags are easy to make but still look good. Cloth and paint markers come together to create some really nice magnets.

Now that you’ve gotten tons of inspiration for American flag crafts, which of these fun crafts will you choose to do first?

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