Being a girl is tough. There are a lot of things they teach you that you have to do in order to seem ladylike. Or at least that is what so many of us have been told.

the modern woman

You have to wear dresses… ?!?

You have to keep a completely clean house at all times… ?!?

You have to always say and do the right things… ?!?

It can be extremely exhausting to admit that many of us are failing at those very things. It can make you feel like less of a woman.

But take heart, you are not alone.

There is a whole world full of women who are refusing to conform to those standards and becoming the most authentic version of themselves: disorganized, disheveled, and damned interesting.

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No Time For House Cleaning and Organizing

There is nothing wrong with the desire to keep a clean house, in fact, it is a very noble desire to have.

The home is much more functional when you are able to sort through things in a timely fashion and locate much-needed items.

The problem is that we live extremely busy lives that keep us running from dawn until dusk.

Usually, by the time we make it over the threshold we are fortunate if we can put a few pieces of laundry away and scarf down some food before hitting the bed for the evening.

This means our homes aren’t perfectly clean as we have been told they should be most of the time.


Now nobody is saying that we can’t show up looking absolutely lovely when we want to, but the modern woman is often dealing with so much during the day that comfort is her main desire.

Looks often take a backseat to comfort in the quest to get everything done.

This means if we come out in sweats and a messy bun, it may not be the best we have ever looked, but it is the best we can do in that given moment. As long as we are clean and neat, that’s the main goal.

Damned Interesting

Because we aren’t spending the majority of our time and energy in our homes, you can guarantee that we have some interesting things to talk about.

For the modern woman, we are starting businesses and managing careers that are far more interesting than what so many people expect us to speak on.

We love sports, we play golf, and we build empires.

We are no longer the shy flowers that we were told we needed to be in order to fit in.

This means you are going to need to hold our interest as well. I hope you’re up to the challenge!

The demands of the modern world have made what the modern woman needs to survive so much different than what we were told to expect.

You don’t have to keep the world’s most tidy house to be valid.

You don’t have to always be dressed to the nines or always say the right thing.

The most important thing for you to do is show up, be genuine, and move forward.

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