Do you feel that not doing laundry every day is a sin? Does it make you go crazy? If yes, we are here to suggest that you please cut yourself some slack!

Your house would not become a breeding center of diseases if you skip laundry for a day. Much to your surprise, it’s completely hygienic. In fact, it would be more than okay if you do laundry just once a week. The Earth won’t collide and your family will still have clean clothes to wear. 

On the plus side, you would be able to spend some quality time with yourself. That is what smart women do. They do not overwhelm themselves with chores they know they can do without for a few days. They chill, divert their time and energy to affairs that are much more significant. 

So, why not follow their path and enjoy life a little? 

Still not convinced? 

Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to do both – we will give you all the reasons as to why smart moms don’t do laundry every day and help you prepare if you are planning to follow these women’s paths. 

Why smart moms don’t do laundry every day

They have enough clothes for a week

Women don’t really have a scarcity of clothes. But this is another generalized notion, if you think you are an exception to it, why not consider having some work-apt clothes always at your disposal?

You just need seven of them, and you can battle all at once with your clothes just once a week. 

The same goes for your family. Set aside 7-8 outfits for them.

On the plus side, this will also allow you to wear the clothes you bought but never wore. Finally, they would be of use now!

They sort their clothes for easy laundry 

When things are sorted out, and well organized, everything becomes easy. The same goes for laundry. 

But when we say sorting, we do not mean you have to involve yourself in an hour-long categorizing process. You can get a laundry separator hamper instead. Just assign sections to certain types of clothes, and put it there and you are all done!

You can also separate dirty clothes according to every person. For instance, allot a different section to your husband, and another to your kids, 

They have a plan in hand 

Functioning on a plan makes every task systematic. That’s why smart moms always function according to a plan.

That being said, when you are to do your laundry once a week, decide a day for it. The perk of doing so is to ensure that you don’t procrastinate. 

Likewise, you can add other types of chores to your weekly plan. Just figure out some chores that you think you can skip doing every day.

Make a list, and plan a day for them. You can allot the easiest chore to the day you are most packed with work. 

They ensure that their family is self-reliant 

It’s justified when you have toddlers at home, but if your kids are grown-ups or teenagers, there is no reason as to why they should not be doing their own laundry.

And, thanks to washing machines, doing laundry is no big of a task. So, give them the responsibility, not only it will make them self-reliant but will also reduce your burden. 

Having said that, train your kids to do their own chores from the very start. That’s what smart moms do. They know there are plenty of benefits to it, but the most important of them all is that self-reliance actually makes their kids learn various life skills as well. 

They don’t like to be anxious over the laundry 

Yes, laundry is an important chore, but it’s not that important that it ends up giving you anxieties. Chill, relax!

Perceive laundry as a chore; your life won’t turn upside down if you won’t do it every day. Instead, it will provide you the opportunity of enjoying life a little. You kill it throughout the week, and you deserve a break. Just see it like that. 

Please note that you do not have to be a perfectionist. Perfection is just a construct. It’s okay to do things ordinarily. Hold up mediocrity and breathe a little. 

They have personal obligations to make 

Imagine your kid comes back home and wants to spend some time with you, play with you. But you refuse their request because you have tonnes of laundry to do. 

Read that again, imagine and ask yourself, is it fair?

Is laundry worth it if it prevents you from spending time with your family?

Obviously no.

Your relationship with your family matters the most, and every little moment you spend together with them contributes to the foundation of a happy family. 

Hence, go out on vacations, or make a visit to the park, just don’t let laundry obligations be stuck in the back of your mind while you are at it.

They have reliable appliances 

When you have good electrical appliances, you don’t have to worry about the damage.

Thanks to the latest technology, the possibility of damage has been almost driven out of existence. The most advanced technologies ensure that you have a zero-inconvenience washing experience. You can go on mixing white with bright without worrying that the color will fade 

Therefore, if you can afford reliable and quality appliances, don’t think twice before purchasing them if they provide you a shot at living life tension-free. 

Because it’s really not needed. 

Do you know that we undermine the concept of over-washing? Much to our ignorance, only some clothes need regular washing. The washing standards say that you should wash certain clothes only after multiple wears.

Washing them after every wear might diminish your clothes’ life drastically. Here are the standards. Adhere to them. 

  • Undergarments – 3 to 4 wear (exception underwear, wash it after every wear)
  • Denim – after 6-7 wears
  • Sweaters, cardigans – after 5-7 wears
  • T-shirts – after 1-2 wears
  • Gym clothes – after every wear if your routine includes vigorous exercising 

Remember what we have already discussed before. Even when there are some garments that you have to wash after every wear, you don’t have to wash them daily if you have prepared a set of 7 clothes for the week. 

It’s time to call it a day. We completely understand how stressful household chores like laundry can be. But as we have discussed before, take it easy. They are a part of your routine, not a part of your life. Don’t perceive it as a daily obligation.

You can do it once a week, give yourself a break, spend time with yourself, and your family. Make some memories, they matter the most. 

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