Laundry is a never-ending task, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Make the most of your family’s laundry by ensuring you’re making it as easy as possible on yourself.

Make Laundry A Lot Easier

These six simple tips will make laundry day so much easier for you.

Make a Schedule

Trying to tackle all your family’s laundry in one day is an overwhelming task. Make the job a little simpler by breaking down the task into smaller chores.

Try washing a different type of laundry each day of the week. Wash linens on Monday, towels on Tuesday, and kid’s clothes on Wednesday, for example. This system will help you tackle the job in pieces, making easier for you to have most of the laundry finished by the weekend.


One of the biggest parts of doing laundry is sorting everything before it gets washed. Make that task a little simpler by presorting your laundry throughout the week.

Purchase a hamper with different sections for lights, darks, and delicates, then toss your clothing in the corresponding bin throughout the week.

Use a Sock Bag

Avoid the hassle of sorting your family’s socks by using a mesh lingerie bag for each member of the household’s socks.

Have your family members put their socks in the bag when they take them off, then toss the entire bag into the washer each week. All the socks will be washed in one place, making it easier to match socks after they’re dry.


Instead of focusing your efforts on laundry alone, multitask as you work. A typical load of clothing takes around 30 minutes to wash, so take that time to tackle other household chores.

Another great way to multitask while doing laundry is to enjoy your favorite TV show as you fold.

Empty the Lint Trap

One surefire way to make the task of laundry last longer than it should is to forget to empty your lint trap.

A full lint trap makes your dryer work harder, which means it’s going to take it longer to get your clothes dry. And in addition to making your dryer less efficient, a full lint trap is also a fire hazard.


There’s no reason laundry should be one person’s responsibilities. Even young children can help you tackle part of the laundry in your home.

Preschoolers are great at sorting through dirty and clean clothing and can even put their clothes away after they’ve been folded. Older kids can handle most of their laundry responsibilities, from sorting their clothes to folding them and putting them away.

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