Chores are a great way to teach your child responsibility and show them how to be a contributing member of the household. But these household responsibilities aren’t always fun for adults, let alone kids.

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kids washing dishes

While most chores may not be fun, there are a few household tasks that your kids will actually enjoy doing. Here are six fun chores your kids will love to do.

Helping in the Kitchen

Making meals for the family is an ongoing task – and one that most kids would really enjoy helping with. There are so many ways your kids can help out in the kitchen.

Younger kids are great at helping set the table, opening packages, throwing away trash as you cook, and measuring ingredients.

And older kids can help by chopping vegetables, stirring dishes as they cook, bringing food to the table, and washing the dishes when dinner is over.

Getting your kids busy in the kitchen is not only fun for them, but it’s also very beneficial.

As your kids become more comfortable in the kitchen, they’ll also become more independent. That means they’ll have the confidence to make their own meals, clean up after themselves when they’re finished, and maybe even cook dinner for the family!

And helping prepare meals also helps them learn how to make healthier food choices and could even make them more adventurous eaters.


While tackling a load of laundry is probably your least favorite task, it’s one that a child would probably enjoy.

girl doing laundry

From sorting the clothes into lights, darks, and colors to filling the washing machine with clothes and soap and turning the knob to the correct setting, there are a variety of kid-friendly aspects to laundry.

Even sorting, folding, and putting away the clothes can be made into a fun game for a younger child.


Planting and tending to a garden are more great chores that are also fun for kids. The tasks of planting and caring for a garden allow them to get a little dirty. And watering the plants each day is fun, whether they get to spray the garden hose or use a watering can.

With a garden, they’ll also get to see the fruits of their labor when they get to pick and cook the food they grew.

On top of teaching your kids responsibility, a garden is also a great way to demonstrate the life cycle of a plant in action.

And don’t forget that your kids will be more likely to try the food they grew, which means they’ll probably be eating a little bit healthier as a result of their garden, too.

Feeding Pets

Chances are, your pets are like members of the family. And your kids love taking care of them! One simple way your children can help with the family pet is by feeding them each day.

Make it simple for your little ones to give food and water to your pets by placing the food in an easy-to-reach location and providing them with an easy-to-use scoop for the pet food.

Keep a plastic cup handy so your little one can easily fill the cup and pour it into the bowl, helping to reduce the chances of a spill from attempting to care a full water bowl from the sink to the feeding location.

Washing the Car

From playing in bubbles to spraying the garden hose, what kid wouldn’t love washing the car?

kids washing car

While this chore may need a little bit of adult supervision at first, soon your kids will be begging to help clean your car! Start by showing them how to safely clean the car without scratching the paint, then let them go to work.

In addition to washing the car, it’s also a good idea to demonstrate how to use the hose to rinse the car without being wasteful and even how to properly dry the car after it’s been washed.

Help With Groceries

Giving your kid a say in the foods you purchase each week is a great way to get them involved in household planning and show them how to choose healthy food options.

In addition to asking your kids’ input as you make your grocery list, consider bringing them along to help with the shopping, too.

As you shop, turn the trip into a learning experience by asking them to observe prices and watch how you stick to the budget. Then, enlist them in unloading the cart and loading the bags into the car.

When you get home, your kids can easily help you sort through the groceries and put away the items within their reach.

As they help, they’ll not only have fun knowing they helped pick out part of the grocery haul, but they’ll also be able to find what they’re looking for the next time they need a snack.

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