Genius on Display: Intelligent People Are Messy ( And they swear, too)

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When we think of genius, so often we think of people who are nerdy and unattractive.

The Steve Urkels of life.

Their pocket protectors and their books in hand. There are a lot of stereotypes in this world, and the way that we think of genius is one of them.

Genius is defined by as a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.

So how did we decide that this narrow view of what genius is and what a genius is really like?

I think it is safe to say that Steve isn’t the only genius around town.

Here are a couple things that you may not have expected to see coming from a genius.

intelligent people are messy

They swear

People who use profanity are often accused of not being as intelligent.

It is considered vulgar language, the language of people with limited vocabularies who are unable to think of anything else to say.

Studies actually show that people with potty mouths are often geniuses!

I know how hard that seems to believe, but it is the truth. That doesn’t mean you want to let your potty mouth fly at a Thanksgiving dinner, but if you find that you are a little more likely to curse, it actually could mean you are MORE, not less intelligent.

They are messy

Genius often calls for people to focus on complex matters that are going on in their heads.

They don’t have time for mundane things like house cleaning. That’s right if you find that you are a bit of a slob, it is actually indicative that your brain is doing a ton of work that doesn’t allow for you to spend a great deal of time tidying up.

They don’t always know everything

If you noticed that definition earlier, you may have caught on that being a genius isn’t always an overall process,

A person can be a genius in one area without being a genius in other areas. That means that you could know how every mechanical engine on the earth, works, but you may lack emotional intelligence.

Someone can be a genius in one area but a complete dunce in others.

Do not expect someone to know everything about something just because they are a genius.

They might be a little crazy

It is an unusual twist to having a genius level IQ, but having a higher level IQ leaves you susceptible to mental health issues.

That means depression, anxiety, and other ailments are more likely to attack the mind of a genius. The unfortunate side effect that you pay for all of those smarts is a bit of anguish.

Don’t believe me?

Look at Picasso, Einstein, and other greats for the evidence of what I’m saying. Genius comes with the crazy. You can’t have one without the other.

Genius may not be the stereotypical thing that you imagined it to be, but it is still pretty amazing. If you are looking for more signs of the evidence of genius in your life, I hope that this post brought out some evidence you didn’t know to look for.

Embrace your genius today!

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Are you messy? Do you agree with the theory above?

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Genius on Display: Intelligent People Are Messy ( And they swear, too)



intelligent people are messy

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