All you want to do is grow a beautiful garden but no matter what the garden looks like the perfect candidate for a commercial weed killer.

You’re not alone because it happens more than you’d think which usually happens when the plants are watered too much or not enough, or little pesky bugs kill the roots.

Hardy Vegetables To Plant For those of us with ‘Black Thumbs.’


Lettuce can be grown almost anywhere, it can take the heat and the cold, and is very rarely bothered by garden pests. Lettuce can thrive as long as it’s got a little shade keeping it out of direct sunlight during the summer heat.

Zucchini (aka courgette)

Zucchini is a vegetable you’ll want to plant early so you’ll have a harvest before the fall that will escape the mildew. You’ll only need one or two plants as zucchini is a high-yield harvesting vegetable.

Plant the seeds zucchini plants close together, as the squash flowers are only open for a day but need to be pollinated multiple times to produce fruit. You’ll need to plant both male and female plants but only the female flowers will grow fruit, the male flowers are strictly to pollinate the female flowers.


Potatoes can be forgotten about for a few days as watering is minimal but to keep pests away make sure to cover the tubers.

You can plant the potatoes in bags made especially for potato gardening. When planting seeds place them 12 inches apart then cover them with 3 inches of soil.


Beets if you like them are another hearty vegetable to grow with a black thumb. When planting place the seeds 1 inch deep and 3-4 inches apart.

Beets can be grown in cold weather too but you should shoot to plant around spring and late summer. For best roots sow seeds while there is plenty of sun, these plants thrive in warm temperatures around 60-70 degrees and nighttime temperatures of 50-60 degrees.


Tomatoes need to be stalked but if keeping up with watering and sunlight they’ll flourish.

There are a few different types of tomatoes such as grape or cherry. Heirlooms are also popular tomatoes to grow. You can always branch out and grow more than one type.

Green beans

Green beans produce the highest yield when the beans are planted in direct sunlight. When planting green beans from seeds plant 1-2 inches apart then water immediately after covering with soil.

The green beans may stop flowering in the summer when the heat is at its worst but keep them watered and they’ll continue to flower and produce. You can start to pick your beans at any time but veteran gardens like to wait until the bean can be snapped and is firm.

These hearty vegetables can withstand even the blackest thumb, you can even forget them for a day or three and they’ll still thrive. When creating a watering regimen incorporating club soda from time to time will help nurture the plants.

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