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11 Ways Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Gardening has many benefits you may not be aware of, once you hear about these benefits you’ll want to plot the best spot for sunlight and shade, pick your produce or flowers to plant, then get to work building a beautiful and fruitful garden.

1. Gardening is great for burning calories. Heavy gardening is a great way to help with weight management, racking, digging, watering, mulching, and pulling weeds count as a high-intensity physical activity. Studies show just an hour in the garden can burn up to 320 calories.

2. Helping improve your heart health reducing your risk of having a stroke (as all exercises), you’re also decreasing the risk of osteoporosis by working the major muscle groups when you plant, weed, and dig on a regular basis.

3. The flowers you plant in and around the garden will help aid your mood. The calming colors of different flowers along with the flowers scents can help lift your mood and you’ll find yourself smiling.

4. Gardening is great for helping bust stress by reducing the levels of cortisol that are released into your body and you get extra amounts of fresh air and sunlight while helping reduce symptoms of depression.

5. Gardening is similar to yoga in the way it helps put you in “the zone”.

6. While planting and enjoying the fruits of your manual labor you feel a sense of connection, abundance, and gratitude.

7. While digging around in the soil which has mood-boosting benefits. Research suggests that breathing in certain soil bacteria are great for a mood boost, studies show we are no longer getting enough microorganisms that evolved alongside of us. Being in this fast-paced life with cell phones, hectic schedules, and office meetings have deprived us from getting our hands dirty.

8. Gardening also helps to strengthen the immune system. The friendly microbes found in dirt and soil can help your immune system by know which viruses to fight off essentially storing that information to help us throughout our life.

9. Gardening helps keep you creative when surrounded by plants and flowers. The flowers help to add warmth to any room or classroom.

10. You’ll eat more vegetables and fruits. If you’ve decided to grow fruits and vegetables rather than a flower garden you’ll know exactly where the produce you are eating comes from and take pride in knowing you cultivate the crop.

11. You can lower your risk of dementia by over 30% when you garden every day. Increasing sunlight helps increase bone density, improving mood, and sleep cycles. Gardening helps to increase attention spans and giving the role of a caregiver to the plants and flowers, increasing physical activity which helps reduce injury and fall risks.

There are a number of studies that have been conducted to prove the facts that gardening is in your best interest especially if you’re looking for a lifestyle change by moving more, feeling better about your mental health, and eating proper amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Gardening is therapeutic and relatively inexpensive to start and maintain so why not start one today.

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Vickie Louise is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Crazy Family. She is a stay at home mom of a little boy with a big personality. After having her son, she realized how important it is for moms to take care of themselves, physically and mentally. Vickie believes in the power of using social media and her online presence for good and is thrilled to provide you with a space to celebrate all that is awesome (and a little crazy) in the world.