We, as women, have our idols. Some of us find them in celebrities, legendary personalities, and sometimes in our closest relations.

But whoever we find them in, we know for certain that this is who inspires us and sparks in us a desire to manage everything like a queen, to push hard, and come out stronger and smarter.

But, being a woman, it wasn’t too easy for them to reach where they are while living in a misogynist world.

Yet without complaining, they worked their way to succeed by developing some smart habits and staying consistent with them.

But enough about these smart women, let’s talk about you. Do you aspire to become like them? If yes, then as I mentioned, you need to develop certain habits.

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7 Habits That Smart Women Follow 

1. They read a lot

Excess of anything is harmful. However, reading is one exception because no matter how much you read, it’ll always benefit you.

And as mentioned, reading is the forte of these smart women. They are well-read from the start, whether it is literature, current affairs, or general knowledge.

However, being an adult, they might not find enough leisure time to read being overwhelmed with work, but whenever they do, they spend it on reading rather than useless scrolling.

Therefore, you too must develop reading as a habit. You might think it is late to do so now that you are an adult, but let me tell you, it’s never too late to start and you are never too old to read anything you wish to.  

Here a few tips that can help you develop the habit.

  • Pick a niche. i.e., any topic of your interest and start reading about it.
  • Read a few pages every day. You can utilize your commuting time, breaks, or of course when you are at leisure.
  • Be consistent, do this every day for it to become a habit.

2. Time management 

The most bugging part of adulthood is that we never find time to do things we must. Well, it is a fact, yet smart women do not let it be an excuse to procrastinate things they should do. Instead, they master the art of time management.

Well, here’s how they practice time management.

  • They plan and function on schedule and deadlines.
  • They are productive, they do not waste time on useless things.
  • They maintain a balance between rest and work.
  • They try to get things done faster, always keep a timer in hand.
  • They do not always desire to achieve perfection.
  • They don’t procrastinate.
  • They delegate work when needed.

3. They socialize and they are mindful of their company

Smart women acknowledge the prominence of friends and acquaintances. They know that the type of company they surround themselves with, the type of person they will become.

Hence, they cut out toxic people from their lives and maintain relations with supportive, smart, and career-oriented individuals.

Moreover, they also realize the importance of socializing. They go to parties, meetings, or any other place and talk to people who they find interesting.

Not to mention, apart from staying inspired and motivated, they do so to form connections that they realize is important to make in the field they operate in.

4. They believe in self-development 

Smart women know that even if they are highly accomplished, they can always improve themselves both on a personal and professional level.

Therefore, they never hesitate to invest in themselves to be better than ever.

But, if you are clueless as to how to invest in self-development. Here are some things you can work on.

  • Vocabulary: You are not an oxford dictionary, that is to say, no one can know every word that exists, let alone you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to improve your vocabulary by learning a new word every single day.
  • A short-term online course: To begin with, you’d have a new certificate to add to your resume, but it is secondary because most importantly you’ll be learning something new.
  • Challenge yourself: Smart women know that they cannot be the best and hence they challenge themselves from time to time to become more productive.
  • Take up new responsibilities.

5. They have good knowledge of the financials 

You are not too smart if you live under the rock financially. A smart woman is always privy to her financial credentials. That is to say, she maintains her banking accounts, monitors her assets and liabilities, and is well informed of the financial market, legal system, and her legal rights.

Moreover, a smart woman doesn’t depend on her male counterpart financially. If not extravagant, she does have a stable income and is independent financially.

Therefore, if you aren’t financially conscious, today is a good day to start.

Here are some ways you can start.

  • Get access to your bank accounts if you didn’t before. Keep a track of your transactions.
  • Construct and function on a budget
  • Keep a record of both liquid and non-liquid expenditure. (An excel sheet would help).

6. They are tech-savvy  

In today’s tech-savvy world, smart women acknowledge that they cannot survive being technologically backward. Hence, if not an expert, they have a basic knowledge of technology – to be precise- computers, software, and smartphones.

Furthermore, as they gather basic knowledge, they strive for more. They are always ready to learn more about technology through their peers and close relatives.

Therefore, if you are just a beginner, or not at all technologically smart, start today by enrolling yourself in a computer and software course (subjective as per your choice) or any other method as per your choice.

7. They know how to balance personal and professional life 

If you think smart women devote themselves completely only to work, you are mistaken. They are workaholics, but at the same time, they spare time to fulfill their personal obligations with friends and family as well.

That being said, they plan their months accordingly. They do not neglect their personal life for professionals and vice versa, instead, they maintain a balance.

If you don’t know how to maintain the said balance, here’s what these smart women do.

  • They maintain a calendar and a plan.
  • If they reserve weekdays for work, they give all their weekends to their family and friends.
  • They know when to take a pause.


It is not necessary to function just like them to live your life smoothly as they do; you can enjoy flexibility. If something doesn’t work for you, it’s okay; but don’t give up before even trying.

Additionally, the key here is to be consistent with your habits. Every day counts towards your ultimate goal. Hence, let yourself be inspired and strive for a greater change in yourself.

Hey, how’s the day going? Feel free to share your opinions about the article, or anything in general in the comment section. We would love to have your views. 

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