There are so many inspiring podcasts out there, but we currently can’t get enough of amazing shows hosted by fierce female leaders.

Be it when we’re cooking dinner, flying to the other side of the world for a much-needed break, or when running on a treadmill, podcasts are the modern source of entertainment AND inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for intuitive business tips, or you want to hear success stories of badass women just like you, here are some of our favorite female empowerment podcasts hosted by women, for women! 

The Best Female-Empowerment Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Chances are you’ve heard of the fashion brand Nasty Gal’s founder and CEO, Sophia Amoruso. Not only did she build a million-dollar business from an eBay shop, but she’s also the creator of Girlboss Radio.

On every weekly episode, she features different female entrepreneurs, where they discuss the ups and downs of navigating through today’s world in an honest, raw, and often hilarious way. 

Check it out here

She’s So Cool

If you’re on the lookout for all things empowerment AND self-love, She’s So Cool is your go-to! In every episode, women from all walks of life share their success stories and inspire listeners to love themselves and follow their dreams unapologetically.

Check it out here

Women of Impact

Hosted by Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory, this podcast recounts the stories of women who overcame incredible obstacles to get to where they are today.

Check it out here

H.E.R Space Podcast

Hosted by Terri Lomax and Dr. Dominique Broussard, if you’re in the mood to listen to meaningful and heartfelt conversations, H.E.R Space Podcast is for you! This podcasts focuses on black women empowerment, with resilience, healing, and female empowerment being the main themes of every episode.

Check it out here

Gal Pal Show

Not long ago, the idea of a woman packing her bags and jet setting to the other side of the world was pretty much unthinkable, so we consider travel a major win when in comes to female empowerment and that’s why we love Gal Pal Show so much!

Hosted by Jo Moore, you’ll get to listen to travel advice, solo female travel tips, and wonderful stories of women exploring the world on their own terms.

Check it out here

Women in Tech Podcast

How cool is it that women are making major advances in tech? Hosted by Espree Devora, the Women in Tech Podcast is a MUST for every woman that was ever told her dreams in a male field were too big.

From conversations with female engineers, to UX designers, and journalists, you’ll get to listen to the most enthralling talks featuring women who have made it in the tech industry!

Check it out here

Bad Bitch Radio

If you’re in need of a little encouragement to continue pursuing your dreams, host Catherine Doroseau has got you!

The focus of Bad Bitch Radio is to support and inspire women to follow their passion in a world that wasn’t always built for that. You won’t be able to hit the pause button for a second!

Check it out here

Empowering Women Industry

Bringing stories of successful women, this bi-weekly podcast’s aim is to inspire the next generation of female leaders, especially in career paths and fields that are male-dominated. Aside from your dose of inspiration, you’ll also get to hear more difficult (but necessary) conversations around issues like workplace sexism that very much continue to exist today.

Check it out here

And that’s the list of our favorite female empowerment podcasts right now! There are a ton more out there, so please share what you’re listening to at the moment in the comment section below!

The Best Female-Empowerment Podcasts

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