Gearing up to get gifts for friends and family this holiday season? Instead of spending tons of cash at big-box stores, consider gifting the people you care about something homemade.

The idea of DIY-ing a gift can sound intimidating if you don’t consider yourself super crafty, but you don’t need to be to create something surprisingly awesome.

You can find plenty of inspiration and tutorials online to help you create – or replicate – the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list.

Want to craft some gifts but aren’t sure what might make a good present? Here are just a few easy and fun DIY gifts everyone will love:

Fun & Easy Handmade Gifts

Handmade coasters

Coasters can make a fun, practical handmade gift your recipient can put to good use. There are a handful of different ways you can approach this project.

Hand-paint designs on cork or wood coasters or seal images (photos, prints, or otherwise) on tile coasters for an ultra-personalized approach.

Beard balm

OK, I’ll admit – not everyone will love this one. You’ve got to have a beard to truly appreciate beard balm, but fortunately, beards are back on-trend. Odds are high that you’ve got at least one bearded gentleman on your holiday shopping list.

Beard balm can make the perfect DIY gift for anyone on your list who takes good care of their facial hair, offering protection through the harsh winter season. These balms can be pricey when bought at the store, but they aren’t too hard to whip up at home, making them a great choice for a fun handmade gift.

Spice rubs

A well-packed custom spice blend can make a great gift for any foodies on your holiday shopping list. Whip up a batch of your family’s favorite mix if you’ve already got a recipe.

If not, you can find plenty of inspiration for everything from cajun blends to steak seasonings and toppings perfect for french fries online. Once perfected, pour into little jars and decorate before gifting!

Homemade candle

Candles aren’t too tough to make, and they’re typically well-received as a Christmas gift – after all, who doesn’t want a nice-smelling candle?

There are tons of places online (like this website) that’ll teach you how to make your own candles, and with several techniques to try, you’ll want to do a bit of research before making your choice.

Make a few to burn at home to ensure you’ve got the fragrance right before gifting to friends and family.

Something cozy and warm

If you know how to knit or crochet, this is your moment to shine. A handmade knitted scarf, hat, or pair of mittens can make an incredibly thoughtful gift, and it’s one your friends and family are sure to appreciate when temperatures drop.

No experience knitting or crocheting? That’s ok! Consider assembling a no-sew fleece blanket like this one here. Choose any combination of colors or patterns to create the perfect custom blanket for your giftee!

Want more inspiration? Well, here you are, there’s plenty more of it below…

There are super quick and easy homemade Christmas gifts that you can put together in less than 30 minutes right through to easy gifts that are super yummy!

40+ DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love!

Before You Go…

Remember that spending money on Christmas gifts doesn’t necessarily make them special…

In fact, DIY Christmas gifts like the ones here are the answer when you want to give meaningful gifts that your friends & family will love… without spending a fortune!

You can even make your Christmas extra special this year by making your own fun and festive Christmas wreaths or sprucing up your tree with these gorgeous handmade rustic Christmas ornaments!

No matter what gifts you decide to make this year, I’m sure your friends & family are going to love them! And YOU for the extra effort!

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