Get creative this spooky season with these creepy Halloween cupcakes. From zombies and witches to ghosts and vampires, these cupcakes will be sure to give your party guests a fright!

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Creepy Cupcakes for Halloween

Are you looking for something to get into a spooky spirit this Halloween? How about trying out some creepy cupcakes? These 15 eerie recipes will liven up your festivities with their eye-catching decorations.

Whether you are hosting a gathering or just enjoying the gloom of All Hallows’ Eve in your own home, delighting in some creative cupcake treats is an absolute must!

So grab your baking supplies, and let’s get started on baking some truly frighteningly tasty Halloween sweet treats.

Why You’ll Love These Recipes

  • Festive and fun – all the spooky Halloween cupcakes will have kids (and you) excited for this time of year.
  • Fun and easy to make – and they’re also quite delicious! Let your inner monster loose with these creative recipes.
PoopFrankenstein4 d
Frankenstein Cupcakes
This decorating idea is so easy! Add a pile of green frosting and a few pretzel bits to make these fun and freaky Frankenstein cupcakes!
Check out this recipe!
cute vampire cupcakes long.jpg
Vampire Cupcakes
These cupcakes are so cute that you won’t be able to resist sinking your teeth into one! Make these for a party or to share with friends who stop by to trick or treat.
Check out this recipe!
gory halloween cupcakes 1
Gory Cupcakes
Use a walnut and some strawberry jam to make these smart cupcakes with their own little brains. These are easy and tasty, plus have the perfect look for Halloween!
Check out this recipe!
cruella de vil cake ideas0A4
Cruella De Vil Cupcakes
Make these cupcakes to pay homage to a favorite Disney villain. These are fun for Halloween or to share during a 101 Dalmatians watch party.
Check out this recipe!
Halloween Dirt Cupcakes 4
Dirt Cupcakes
This idea brings the cupcakes and candy together to make one fun to eat treat! Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting, cookie crumbs, and gummy worms make this cupcake fun to eat and perfect for Halloween.
Check out this recipe!
Halloween Oreo Cupcakes 1200
Halloween Oreo Cupcakes
This cupcake recipe is epic! It has moist and fluffy cake, tons of creamy frosting, sprinkles, and of course, we cannot forget the Oreo garnish! So good!
Check out this recipe!
Gluten Free Ghost Cupcakes 2 web
Gluten Free Ghost Cupcakes
This cupcake recipe is so easy to decorate! You are going to love the way they turn out, and they are gluten free, so everyone can enjoy this treat.
Check out this recipe!
halloween cupcakes 13
Tombstone Cupcakes
This idea makes an oreo cookie into a tombstone. What a tasty and easy idea for Halloween!
Check out this recipe!
easy frankstein cupcakes picture 768×1152
Frankenstein Cupcakes
These cupcakes are adorable and delicious. You are going to be green with envy if you don’t get to try this recipe!
Check out this recipe!
DevilCupDevil cupcakes 5 4.jpg
Spooky Devil’s Horn Cupcakes
This cupcake recipe turns out to be spooky, scary, and oh-so-good! Make these devils horn cupcakes for Halloween, or any time you want something deliciously different!
Check out this recipe!
black cocoa cupcakes 1711
Broken Bloody Glass Cupcakes
This dark cocoa cupcake recipe is completely creepy. It has bloody broken shards of edible glass on top, and plenty of fluffy frosting!
Check out this recipe!
spider cupcakes 3 650×975
Oreo Spider Cupcakes
This recipe is so easy! Make these spider cupcakes for a party, or as a sweet way to get the family hyped up for Halloween. They use an Oreo as the spider body for a crunchy decoration no one can resist.
Check out this recipe!
Witches Brew Cupcakes 8
Witches Brew Cupcakes
These tasty cakes start with a box mix, but they turn into a bubbling brew fit for the wickedest witch! You will love how easy these are to make and decorate on Halloween.
Check out this recipe!
Book of Spells 7 3
Book of Spells Cupcakes
This cupcake recipe adds a decadent and expertly decorated brownie to the equation to make a sweet treat to enjoy on Halloween night. If you are planning a Hocus Pocus viewing party, you will have to make these!
Check out this recipe!
Zombie Cupcakes Hero 1.jpg
Zombie Cupcakes
These cupcakes are so much fun! They look like a graveyard scene, complete with zombies returning to life, hoping to get a taste of these cupcakes!
Check out this recipe!


If you have leftovers of your spooky cupcakes, pop them in an airtight container and store them in a cool, dark place.


Why not try some of these recipes for more creative ideas on what to bake for Halloween?

With a little bit of imagination and inspiration, you can come up with some truly spooky treats that will be the star of any Halloween celebration. Have fun making some frightfully delicious goodies this year!


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