Naming your baby is the hardest yet joyful task. A name given by parents to their baby is the gift that the child is going to carry with it forever.

Hence choosing a perfect and meaningful name is what every parent is trying to do for their baby.

Keeping that in mind, we have designed this list of unique and unisex baby name options that will definitely leave an impression!

Unique Unisex Baby Names You’ll Fall In Love With

This hand-crafted list will assist you to select a unique name for your baby. Choose one, and cherish it forever.

1. Shiloh — This name of Hebrew origin is chosen by parents who want to name their babies with a beautiful unisex baby name. Shiloh means “His Gift” and “A Peaceful One”.

2. Jaden — Jaden is a unisex baby name that is often given to baby girls. The name Jaden means “God Has Heard”. The Biblical meaning of the name Jaden is “Thankful and Grateful.”

3. Lincoln — The name Lincoln is a combination of the Brythonic word Lynn and the Latin word Colonia. Lincoln means “Town By The Pool” or “Pool Colony”

4. Kylar —This Gaelic origin name comes from the word Kyle. Kylar means “Narrow or Straight”.

5. Karter — Karter is the name of English origin and it means “Transporter Of Goods By Cart”. It is also spelled as Carter. As per Nameberry, Karter has been there in the list of Top 1000 Baby Names since 2014.

6. Paxton — Paxton is a name that has been used by parents who are considering baby names that are suitable for any gender. This name of English origin, Paxton means “From Pacc’s Town”.

7. Quincy — Pronounced KWIN-see is a popular boys’ name that is also used for girls. Due to its popularity in both genders, Quincy stands higher in the list of “Top Non-gendered Baby Names”. Quincy is the name of French origin and it means “Estate Of The Fifth Son”.

8. Reagan — A unique baby name of Irish origin, Reagan means “Little King”. This gender-neutral baby name is definitely an ideal choice for your baby’s name.

9. Riley — Another baby name of Irish origin, Riley means “Courageous”. It is said to be an English origin surname too.

10. Salem — This name of Hebrew and Arabic origins, Salem means “Peace”. It is also the name of a place in the Indian state Tamilnadu, Salem is popular for its orange groves, coffee plantations, and finest quality turmeric procurement.

11. Rowen — Rowen means “Red-Haired”. It is also spelled as Rowan and is a popular name for boys and girls.

12. Samar — A name originating from an ancient language Sanskrit, Samar means the “Battlefield Commander”. As per the Arabic origin of this name, Samar means “The Reward Of Paradise or The Fruit Of Paradise”.

13. Scout — The name Scout is a name of American origin. Scout means “The First Explorer”. Used for both genders, Scout is an unusual unisex baby name that can be chosen for your little one.

14. Yael — The name Yael is a masculine name of Hebrew origin. Yael means “to ascend”. It is a common and popular unisex name in Israel, written as Ya’el.

15. Gentry — Gentry is a boy’s name and is of English origin. It means “of gentle, good produce, or high social position”. In some cultures, it also means “Nobility of Birth”.

16. Sutton — A prominent Southern baby name, it is an Old English name. Sutton means “From The South Town” or “Southern Settlement”.  It is said to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Sudh. Sutton refers to the commonplace name “southern farm”.

17. Timber — Timber wood is known to be a strong kind of wood predominantly used in carpentry. Showcasing its strong characteristics, Timber is a perfect baby name for boys and girls. It is the name of American origin and is often chosen by the parents who are looking for non-gendered baby names.

18. Toby — Toby means “God Is Good”. It is a name of English origin. It is also said to have Hebrew origin and its meaning in Hebrew Bible is “Lord Is Good”.  Toby is considered to be a variant of the Biblical name Tobias and a Hebrew name Tuvia. 

19. Hollis — The name Holly is an English origin name that is neutral for boys and girls. Hollins means “Near The Holly”, which is an evergreen shrub.

20. Amari — The name Amari is considered to be a version of the Sanskrit name Amar which means “Immortal and Eternal”.  This name is definitely a prosperous one for your blessed baby.

21. Remington — Remington is a unisex name of English origin. The name Remington means “Place On A Riverbank”. You can use the short names, Remy or Rem, as nicknames for this unisex baby name.

22. Perry — Latin and English origin unisex baby name, Perry means “A Traveler or Pilgrim”.  Another meaning of Perry is fermented pear juice.

23. Marley — This unisex baby name was first used in the 12th century and was created from the Old English word “marten” which is a wild animal and “Leah” which means wood clearing. It’s also said to be an updated version of the German name Marlene and English Marlee.

24. Jude — Jude is said to be a name derived from a Greek form of the old Hebrew word Judah. This antique Hebrew word means Praise.  That’s the immaculate name for a praiseworthy baby of yours.

25. Jael — Jael is a name of Hebrew origin. It means “Mountain Goat”. It is one of the most popular baby names in Israel. It is also said to be a variant of Yael or Ya’el.

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