When you’re searching for gift ideas for your kids this holiday season, it’s important to look outside the box to find gifts that aren’t just toys.

One great way to entertain your kids throughout the year is by providing them with ways to be active as they play.

These great active gift ideas are the perfect way to encourage your kids to get up and moving while they’re playing.

Sit ‘n Spin

With this cute Playskool Sit ‘n Spin toy, your toddler will have a blast spinning themselves in circles! The fun toy can provide your little one with hours of active fun while they play indoors, making it a great gift idea for any active toddler.

Indoor Scooter

With the help of this fun indoor scooter, your kids can work on balance and coordination while they play. The handles on the side of the scooter will keep their hands safe as they roll and the plastic wheels will prevent damage to your floors while your kids play.

Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

Your kids will have so much fun blasting rockets into the air just by jumping. The Blast Pad Rocket Launcher can launch a rocket over 200 feet into the air. Just stomp on the blast pad to make the rockets launch, providing your kids with tons of active outdoor fun.

Marvel I Can Do That!

With this fun active board game, your kids will have a blast pretending to be their favorite Marvel superheroes. Marvel: I Can Do That comes with 45 activity cards and is perfect for kids, ages three and up.

Walk ‘n Ride

This fun active toy will grow with your baby, ensuring they stay active as they learn new skills. With the walk ‘n ride, your little one can start using the toy as a walker, then transform it into a ride-on for your growing toddler.

Moon Shoes

Moon shoes are like mini trampolines for your kid’s feet. That means they can bounce and jump as much as they want, whether they’re stuck inside or playing in your backyard. These fun bouncy shoes are adjustable, making them great for kids of any age. And the durable rubber band straps ensure they’ll last through hours of active play.

Hover Ball Set

Soccer fans will love receiving a hover ball set for Christmas this year. This fun toy will give your kids a chance to practice their soccer skills indoors without worrying about breaking something. The ball can be kicked just like a real soccer ball, but the foam bumper surrounding the ball protects it from damaging items around it.

Busy Ball Popper

Keep your baby and toddler busy while they play indoors with this cute elephant busy ball popper. The ball popping toy tosses balls into the air for your little one to chase, giving your baby hours of active indoor fun.

Body Bumpers

For some silly active fun this year, your kids will love playing with these body bumpers. The set comes with two inflatable body bumpers so your kids can belly bump each other, providing tons of active fun for your kids.

Foam Pogo Jumper

Traditional pogo sticks aren’t the safest toy for young kids to play with. But with this foam pogo jumper, your kids can have a blast jumping up and down without worrying about getting hurt. The cushioned base provides your kids with a safe way to burn off some energy while jumping up and down just like a real pogo stick.

Balance Stepping Stones

Set up a mini obstacle course for your kids right in your house with the help of these balance stepping stones. Your kids can use these flexible foam stones to practice their balancing skills as they play. And they can be used indoors or out, making them perfect for year-round active play.

Mini Bowling Set

Bowling is a fun activity for kids of any age. When you can’t go to the bowling alley, set up this mini bowling set at home to provide your kids with some active fun while they play inside.

Play Tunnels

With these pop-up tunnels, your kids will have a blast playing inside. The playset features four colorful tunnels with a peekaboo mesh center. And it easily folds up into a small bag when your kids aren’t playing with it, making it simple to store away when it’s not in use.

Baseball Pitching Machine

Help your kids improve their baseball skills with this at-home pitching machine. The machine tosses balls into the air, allowing your favorite baseball player to practice their swing right at home.

Yoga Blocks

Turn yoga into a fun game for your kids with the help of this set of yoga blocks. The set comes with 24 different yoga pose carts to add the blocks, giving your kids a chance to learn a variety of yoga positions while also having fun.


This easy-to-operate ride-on toy is a great way to give your kids a little bit of excitement, whether they’re playing indoors or outside. And with no batteries or pedals needed to operate this fun toy, your kids can enjoy playing with their PlasmaCar right out of the box.

Alligator Push Toy

Give your baby some active fun while they’re learning to walk with the help of this cute wooden alligator push toy. The toy features a sturdy handle, making it great for babies just learning to stand and walk. And the fun chomping alligators on the front will keep your baby entertained as they play.

Mini Slide

Create a fun playground for your kids in your own backyard with this cute mini slide. The three-foot-long slide is a great beginner’s slide for young children just learning how to climb.

Pop and Catch Launcher

Keep your kids entertained for hours with the help of the pop and catch launcher, which features a set of launch baskets and balls. The baskets allow the players to launch the balls into the air and catch them with ease, providing tons of fun for all your kids while they’re playing together at home.

KidiZoom Smartwatch

Help your kids get up and moving with their very own smartwatch. The KidiZoom smartwatch comes with a variety of preprogrammed active challenges and a pedometer to help your kids stay in shape as they play.

Infant Climbing Set

Give your baby a safe place to climb as they learn how to crawl with this cute infant climbing set. The soft foam blocks are perfect for baby and the anti-slip bottom ensures the blocks stay in place as baby plays.

Hopscotch Rug

There’s no reason your kids can’t play a game of hopscotch while they’re stuck inside. With the help of this cute hopscotch rug, your kids can have fun playing a game of hopscotch any time they want. The rug features colorful designs and two bean bags to provide your little ones with lots of fun playing indoors.

Saucer Swing

This fun 40-inch swing will give your kids a fun place to play or relax while they’re hanging out in the backyard. The large size makes it perfect for swinging with friends, which means it’s sure to be a hit with your kids during the summer months.

Balance Circle

Balancing is a great way for your kids to practice their fine motor skills. And with this balancing circle, your little ones can practice balancing at home. The nonslip design makes this active toy perfect for kids of any age, allowing everyone in your family to get in on the fun.

Toddler T-Ball Set

Get your toddler ready for baseball season with the help of this toddler-sized t-ball set. The plastic stand and bat are designed for little hands, allowing your little one to practice their swing with ease.

Teeter Popper

The silly sounds this fun active toy makes is almost as fun as playing on the rocking seat. Your kids can rock, roll, sit and stand in this teeter popper, all the while making fun popping sounds as they play thanks to the suction cups on the bottom of the seat.

Convertible Balance Trike

Get your toddler and preschooler ready to ride a bike with the help of this convertible balance trike. The four-in-one ride-on toy transforms into a balance bike, three-wheel scooter, kick scooter, and tricycle.

Balance Board

Your kids will have a blast using their imagination while playing with this balance board. It can be used for imaginative play or active play, making it perfect for young children who love to use their imagination with their toys.

Scavenger Hunt Toys

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt at home with the help of these scavenger hunt cards. The set comes with 20 double-sided cards with prompts to guide your kids on an adventure throughout your house.

Laser Tag Set

Create your own laser tag game at home with the help of your very own laser tag set. This fun set comes with four guns and four laser vests, allowing your kids to play a game of tag with their friends right in your own backyard.

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