Love is in the air! If you’re looking for a way to show your loved one how much you care, why not try making them a special cocktail this Valentine’s Day?

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Red is the color of love, so why not show it off with some delicious red cocktails? These drinks are perfect for any romantic occasion and will surely be a hit at your next party. They’re easy to make and taste great!

You can even get creative by adding strawberries or other fruit garnishes that match the theme.

Just imagine how impressed they’ll be when they see these beautiful drinks waiting for them in their glass! It doesn’t get much better than that…so what are you waiting for? Let’s go make some magic happen!

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate love, whether that’s the romantic kind, the love between close friends and family, or even just your love for delicious food and tasty drinks.

Red Valentine’s Day Cocktails are the perfect way to show someone how much you care this year. These drinks would go great with your favorite Valentine’s Day cupcakes or a candlelight dinner for two.

The possibilities are endless! So, if you’re looking for a way to step up your Valentine’s Day game, try making some of these drinks today!

Red Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Candy Kiss Cocktail 14

1. Candy Kiss Cocktail

A sweet little cocktail, this Candy Kiss Cocktail is an epic candy-inspired cocktail and is the perfect fit for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Cocktail landscape 1

2. Venetian Blush

This Venetian Blush is a pretty cocktail for Valentine’s Day that’s very thirst-quenching and not too sweet. Featuring the classic crimson-hued Italian liqueur mixed with orange and pomegranate juices topped with sparkling soda to create a most delightful drink.​

cranberry martini everyday delicious 1 1197×1800 1

3. Cranberry Martini

A fruity, slightly sweet, and refreshing cranberry martini, a simple yet delicious cranberry cocktail made with vodka and a hint of orange.

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4. Love Potion

Madame Ruth’s love potion has nothing on this love potion drink. This fun and delicious cocktail recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day. 


5. Watermelon Paloma

A mouth-watering watermelon paloma cocktail made with watermelon juice, tequila, and citrus, you’ll be surprised at the flavor when it all comes together.

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6. Strawberry Pina Colada

This Strawberry Pina Colada is super fast, and easy, and has everything you love about Pina Coladas.


7. Strawberry Moscow Mule

Fresh, crisp Strawberry Moscow Mules made with homemade strawberry simple syrup. This strawberry version puts a unique spin on classic Moscow Mules.

IMG_0838 737×1024 1

8. Fresh Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini

A strawberry lemon drop martini is a sweet spin on the classic lemon drop cocktail. Give it a try, and if you’re like everyone else, you’ll be smitten!

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9. Pink Starburst Shots and Cocktails

Pink Starburst Shots and Cocktails taste just like a pink Starburst! They are made with watermelon puckers, vanilla vodka, and sweet and sour mix.

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10. Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail

This easy-to-make pink gin fizz cocktail recipe is a great sweet treat. Can be made with pink gin or London dry gin, as the grenadine adds the color!

Soju Cocktail_0134

11. Strawberry and Ginger Soju Cocktail

This strawberry soju cocktail with basil and ginger is light, refreshing, and fruity.

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas 10 of 1 min

12. Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas

If you are looking for something refreshing to enjoy with the one you love on Valentine’s day, these strawberry grapefruit mimosas are the way to go with their bright pink color and refreshing flavor.

Cranberry Bourbon Sour WM 2 735×1103 1

13. Cranberry Bourbon Sour Cocktail

Cranberry Bourbon Sour cocktail recipe, made with 4 simple ingredients. Smoky bourbon, fresh lemon juice, 100% tart cranberry juice, lightly sweetened with cane sugar simple syrup!

1200 Boulevardier 2 square 1024×1024 1

14. Boulevardier Cocktail

For a sophisticated dinner drink, try the Boulevardier Cocktail. Also called the French Negroni, is a simple, elegant cocktail made from just three ingredients.

strawberry Prosecco cocktail

15. Strawberry Prosecco Cocktail

This simple strawberry prosecco cocktail is refreshing, and impressive, and can be made with just 4 ingredients! An elegant, classy cocktail that looks and tastes delicious.

frozen watermelon margarita 2 682×1024 1

16. Frozen Watermelon Margarita

Treat your loved one to this refreshingly tasty frozen watermelon margarita. Watermelon is wonderful all on its own, but freeze it up and add some quality tequila, and it gets even better!

sweetheart cocktail recipe

17. Red Valentines Day Cocktail

This Valentine’s day cocktail is easy to make with only 3 ingredients. Serve this pretty red drink with vodka for romance or for a girls’ night Galentine’s party. Make this color-coordinated drink your signature cocktail for Valentine’s day entertaining. 

Single cocktail with garnish by vodka bottle wide

18. Raspberry Lime Rickey

This raspberry lime rickey cocktail is both fruity and fresh. Full of effervescence, it’s a light vodka cocktail with the sweet taste of raspberries, a hint of lime, and a little bubbly.

rose vodka cocktail 8 580×877 1

19. Rosé Vodka Cocktail

This light, crisp, and fruity rosé vodka cocktail is about to become your new go-to drink! Perfect for girls’ night in, Valentine’s Day, or a special occasion!

Jamaican rum punch recipe 6 of 6

20. Jamaican Rum Punch

This gorgeous Jamaican rum punch is the kind of fun exotic sipper you whip up for guests and parties. Just 5 everyday classic ingredients come together in one delicious drink that is colorful, tropical, citrusy, cool, sweet, and full of flavor.


21. Blushing Russian

This blushin’ Russian makes a stunning holiday cocktail! Sweet, refreshing cranberry and ginger-infused drink that everyone can enjoy! {Includes non-alcoholic, kid-friendly option.}

blackberry fireball whiskey fizz cocktail recipe

22. Blackberry Fireball Whiskey Fizz

Your taste buds will thank you for serving this blackberry fireball whiskey fizz cocktail. It’s so easy to make from scratch, and it’s as delicious as it is pretty.

Pomegranate Martini Pomtini 10 720×1080 1

23. Pomegranate Martini (Pomtini)

A crisp, refreshing cocktail of pomegranate and lime juice, vodka, and orange liqueur. The pomegranate martini, or pomtini, is a pretty, deep red cocktail. Garnished with a sugared rim and lime wedge it is perfect for Valentine’s day.

pineapple strawberry vodka lemonade recipe

24. Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Slush

This pineapple strawberry vodka lemonade slush is exactly the kind of cocktail everyone loves and it’s easy to make in a big batch. It’s a gorgeous, colorful vodka lemonade drink and deliciously cool for a party. 

rose spritzer eIMG_0327

25. Rosé Spritzer

This quick and simple rosé spritzer is a gorgeous and delicious addition to any celebration. Made with fresh raspberries, jam, and a hint of mint, this bubbly refreshing cocktail is ready to serve in 5 minutes.

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