The cold winter weather will likely have you trapped indoors for the next few months, making winter the perfect time to clean your home.

Not only will having a clean home help keep your family healthier during the winter, but you’ll enjoy having a sparkling clean home as you relax each evening.

While it’s important to continue your regular cleaning routine throughout the winter months, there are a few places in your home where you should pay special attention during the winter.

Clean these five places in your home this winter to have the cleanest house on the block.


Your furnace is likely running continually during the cold winter months, so making sure clean air is circulating throughout your home during the winter is a must.

To ensure the air quality in your home is at its best this winter, replace your furnace filter on a regular basis.

In addition to catching any extra debris that may be floating in the air from your fireplace or outdoor influences, a clean filter will also help your furnace run more efficiently.

A clogged filter will make your furnace work harder because extra debris decreases the airflow in your furnace. Not only will this cost you extra money on your utility bill, but it could also cause serious damage to your furnace.

For best results, replace your furnace filter with a new one or clean your reusable furnace filter once a month during the winter.


Your home’s main entryway should receive special attention during the winter months.

In addition to tracking salt and melted snow into your house, your family is likely tracking in more mud and dirt on their shoes during the cold, wet days of winter. If you’re not vigilant in keeping this area clean, this outdoor dirt and grime can quickly take over your home.

Keep this area clean on a daily basis by adding a few handy items near the door to contain the dirt and wetness before it gets into the rest of your house.

Add a waterproof doormat near the door to catch melting snow and salt as your family enters your home.

You could also consider placing rimmed baking sheets near the door for especially wet or muddy shoes to set in so the snow and mud stay off your floor.

Finally, keep a broom and mop handy to quickly clean up any messes as they happen.


Some of us experience the winter blues during these cold months, and studies have found that the most common cause of seasonal affective disorder is lack of sunlight.

Help natural light come into your home more easily by making sure your windows and window treatments are clean this winter.

Take down your curtains and wash them and vacuum or wipe your blinds. Then, clean your window panes.

While wiping the inside of your windows will make a big difference, if weather permits, you should consider cleaning the outside of the panes, as well.

The cleaner the windows are, the more light will shine into your home, ensuring that your family sees as much of the sun as possible each day.


With so many holidays during the winter months, it’s likely your refrigerator has become home to a ton of leftovers, carb-filled dishes, and sweet treats.

To avoid winter weight gain and keep your kitchen clean, consider doing a refrigerator deep cleaning this winter.

First, toss all foods that are expired, as well as all leftover food that is past its prime. Then, disinfect each of the shelves and drawers inside the fridge to ensure everything is clean before adding new food.

As you add new items to your refrigerator, make a plan for where everything will go – for example, place dairy items near the back, fruit, and vegetables in low humidity drawers, and condiments in the doors.

Finally, stock up on healthy options, like fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of sweet snacks.


The winter is a great time to reassess your family’s wardrobe and give your closets a makeover.

To organize your closet, pull out all of the clothing, accessories, and shoes inside and give your closet a good dusting. Then, separate everything from the closet into two piles: items you’ll keep and items you’ll donate.

A good rule of thumb is to toss anything you haven’t worn in more than two years. Anything that is left should be placed back in your closet.

And while you’re replacing items in your closet, be sure to keep things organized as you go.

Whether you choose to organize your items by color, style, or season, pick an organizational theme and stick with it throughout the entire closet.

Finally, mend any items that are in need of repair and clean your shoes and purses before placing them back in the closet.

Continue this process in each of your family’s closets to ensure each space is organized as the new year begins.

These cleaning tips are sure to help you maintain a clean home this winter to help keep your family healthier.

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