To help you plan your ultimate New Year’s celebration this year with plenty of laughter and cheer, here are some free printable New Year’s Eve party games guaranteed to keep family and friends entertained while counting down to midnight!


Free Printable New Year’s Eve Party Games

Whether you’re hosting a big party with all your friends or just hanging out with the family as you ring in the new year, having a few party games on hand is a great idea!

But there’s no reason to spend money on activities for your NYE celebration when you can easily grab some freebies to help you pass the time until the big countdown.

With these New Year’s Eve printable party games, you’ll have everything you need to get the party started this year.


New Year’s Eve Party Games

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the new year with your family! But party games are one of the best! And since there are tons of great family-friendly games to play at your New Year’s party, the possibilities for fun are endless.

With the help of this printable party games pack, you’ll get four awesome party games perfect for players of any age. Download the free printable to get:

  • Charades
  • Scattergories
  • Pictionary
  • Scavenger hunt

Each game is designed with kids and families in mind, making them the perfect way to ring in the new year. So, whether you’re looking for ways to entertain your party guests throughout the night or just need some fun activities to keep the kids occupied until midnight, this printable pack is perfect.

How to Get New Year’s Ever Party Games

Grabbing your own printable party pack couldn’t be easier! Just follow these simple instructions for getting your party games ready for your celebration.

  • Download the printable games. The party games pack includes a one-page scavenger hunt, a one-page Scattergories game, two pages of charades prompts, two pages of Pictionary clues, and a blank page to add your own prompts for Pictionary or charades.
  • Print out the games. Decide which games you want to play at your party, then print out enough copies to get started. If you plan on playing Scattergories or a scavenger hunt, you should print out enough copies for each player. The charades and Pictionary prompts only need to be printed once to play a game.

How to Play New Year’s Eve Charades


Charades is a popular party game. And when you mix in some New Year’s Eve-themed clues, you have the perfect activity for your party! To play, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Cut out the prompts. After printing your clues, cut out each prompt around the outer border. If you want to add your own prompts to the mix, print out the blank page and write down your ideas on each strip.
  2. Fold the prompts. Fold each prompt up so that no one can read the clue. Then, place all the folded pieces into a bowl.
  3. Split into teams. Divide your players into even teams, making sure there are at least two players on each team.
  4. Set a timer. To help speed the game along, use an hourglass or timer on your phone to set a timeframe for each round.
  5. Take turns acting out clues. Each member of the team should take a turn drawing a clue from the bowl and acting it out. The other members of the team should then guess what the clue could be. If the team guesses correctly, they earn one point.
  6. Decide a winner. The team with the most points after all the clues have been used is the winner!

How to Do a New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep all your party guests entertained until the big countdown at midnight. And it’s super easy to set up! Just follow these simple instructions.

  1. Hide items throughout your party. Before playing, scan through the list to be sure all the items on the list appear at your party.
  2. Print out the checklist. Make sure you print enough copies of the scavenger hunt list for each player in the game. It’s also a good idea to provide everyone with a pen or pencil to check off the items as they find them.
  3. Set a timer. Give the players a set time limit to find everything on the list. The first player or team to successfully mark off each item wins!

How to Play New Year’s Eve Scattergories


Playing Scattergories is a great way to get your party guests thinking at your celebration! And since the prompts are simple enough for players of all ages, it’s perfect for kids and adults. To play New Year’s Eve Scattergories, follow these rules:

  1. Print out enough playing cards for all players. Provide the cards and a pencil to each player in the game so they can easily write down their answers.
  2. Use the words and phrases in the left column as clues. Each word or phrase listed on the left side of the page will serve as clues for the Scattergory answer in that row.
  3. Use the letters at the top as the first letter of each answer. The capital letters listed at the top of the page will tell each player what letter the word in that row should start with.
  4. Set a timer. Give the players a time limit to come up with as many answers using the clues and beginning letters as they can before the timer is up! The person with the most correct answers wins.

How to Play New Year’s Eve Pictionary


Who doesn’t love playing a game of Pictionary at a party? With a few New Year’s Eve-themed prompts, you have a fun party game perfect for passing the time until the countdown! In addition to the printable clues, you’ll also need some paper, and pens or markers for drawing.

To play, just follow these instructions:

  1. Cut out the clues. Cut out each Pictionary clue around the outer border. Then, add your own prompts by printing out the blank page and writing down your own clues on each strip. Once you have all the clues cut out, fold them in half and place them in a bowl.
  2. Split into teams. Divide your party guests into even teams. Each team must have at least two players.
  3. Take turns drawing clues. One player will be the drawer for each round, picking a clue from the bowl and drawing it out on a piece of paper. The other members of the team must try to guess the clue from the drawing. If the team guesses correctly, they get a point.
  4. Crown a winner. The team with the most points after all the prompts have been used is the winner!

Download & Print

Prints onto a standard piece of paper or cardstock. Feel free to print as many copies as you need. (Terms of use: free for personal / classroom use.)

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