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How Journaling Can Help Your Relationships (A Year of Journaling: Week 6)

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Welcome back to our “Year of Journaling” Series, Every Monday you will find a new post that relates to journaling and how it can help you.

Last week we talked about Personal Growth Questions to Help You Journal. And this week we are talking on the topic of How Journaling Can Help Your Relationships

In the year ahead we shall be covering things such as:

  • Why it Can Be Hard to Stick to a Journaling Routine
  • How to Use Your Journal to Create a Bucket List
  • What People Get Wrong About Journaling
  • And so much more…

So be sure to pop back every Monday for your next installment, or check out all the Year of Journaling posts so far!

What are some things you love to do on your day off from work?

This weeks journal prompt

How Journaling Can Help Your Relationships

Aside from the more common benefits of journaling, like helping you to achieve your goals, figure out your feelings and emotions, and vent in a secret space, journaling can also help with your personal relationships and friendships.

Relationship With Yourself

One of the most important relationships you have is the one you have with yourself. Journaling is by far one of the best things you can do to heal the relationship you have with yourself.

To start with, it is going to help you think more positively, especially if you are getting to the bottom of why you talk negatively to yourself or even bully yourself.

You want a good relationship with your body and your mind. To understand your own strengths and what makes you an amazing person. The more you can love and appreciate yourself, the more you will be able to love and appreciate the other people in your life.

For this reason, it is essential that you are open and honest in your journal.

Nobody ever has to read it but you, so it is the only place you can keep secret and really talk openly about how you feel and what is on your mind.

Other Relationships

If you are struggling in your personal relationship, or you just need to find some clarity, journaling can be very useful. Start by just writing who you are having issues with, and what is causing you the most distress.

Maybe this person is arguing with you a lot, you don’t feel like they are compromising, or the two of you keep going head to head about a particular issue.

On the flip side, you might feel like you aren’t sure this is the right person for you and are trying to figure that out. Either way, it goes, journaling can help you sort out your thoughts and find more clarity.

Again, be honest with how you feel, even if you think it is selfish or part of it might be your fault – there are two sides to every story, but yours is the only one you have to be concerned about when you are writing in your journal.


It can also be helpful in non-intimate relationships, including your friendships, or relationships with family.

Similarly, writing about your friendships or family members in your life, both with things you appreciate and love about them, and some issues you might be having, can be really therapeutic and actually make those bonds stronger.

‘Year of Journaling’ Printable Journal

This is the journal for the entire year of 2020, with 53 weeks of journaling pages, one for every week of the year.

It has a total of 373 pages, including 7 pages for every week, plus the cover page and the ‘This Journal Belongs to…” page.

Every one of our journaling prompts was turned into a journaling page, plus you get a variety of other lined and doodle pages as well.

Journal Pages Include:

Cover Page
“This Journal Belongs To” Page
Journal Prompts Pages (1 for every week)
Lined Pages
Lined Pages with Image Spaces
Doodle Pages
Stream of Consciousness Pages

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