The winter months can be a dreary time outdoors, but that doesn’t have to be the case inside your home.

Adding a few houseplants to your home can enhance your decor and provide a host of benefits to your family.

Growing plants inside your home can improve the indoor air quality and increase the humidity during the dry winter months. And you don’t have to have a green thumb to have beautiful houseplants.

These six low-maintenance houseplants are the perfect way to brighten your home this winter.


This leafy green houseplant is great for air purification because it helps strip toxins from materials inside your home. And it’s easy to care for, too! Just trim back the Pothos’ stems when they start getting too long, make sure it gets adequate sunlight, and allow the plant’s soil to dry between watering.


Jade Plant

If you’re looking for a plant that will last a lifetime, pick the Jade plant. With proper care, it will grow for decades! And the best part about this low-maintenance plant is that it requires little watering and ordinary room temperatures. Just make sure it gets lots of sunlight and this lovely succulent will brighten your home for years to come.

jade plant

Spider Plant

Add an interesting visual element to your home’s décor this winter with this long-leafed houseplant. You can set it on top of a table and let its branches fall to the floor or hang it to let the long leaves flow. To care for this low-maintenance plant, make sure the soil is evenly moist and allow your Spider Plant to get a little sunlight throughout the day.

spider plant

Rubber Tree

For a big impact, choose the Rubber Tree – it will grow up to eight feet tall and has beautiful shiny green leaves. This low-maintenance houseplant only needs medium to bright sunlight and occasional watering to thrive in any room.

rubber tree

English Ivy

This shade-loving houseplant is perfect for planting in the winter months because it loves cooler room temperatures. This beautiful plant will add a sense of elegance to any room as it trails down your furniture. It can also be propagated easily – just clip a section of the stem off and replant it to give to a friend or decorate another room in your home.

english ivy

Peace Lilly

If you’re searching for a beautiful, low-maintenance flowering houseplant, look no further than the Peace Lily. Not only is this plant great for rooms with low light, but it also tolerates a variety of room temperatures, making it a great choice for the winter. Just make sure its soil is moist throughout the entire pot to keep its lovely white flowers blooming throughout the cold months.

peace lily flowering houseplant

Which of these do you like best?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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6 Low-Maintenance Houseplants to Brighten Your Home This Winter

low maintenance houseplants to brighten your home

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Emma Metson
Emma Metson
4 years ago

I have 4 of these plants! I just got myself a Marble Queen pothos recently – it’s only a little baby right now but I can’t wait until spring when it starts putting out lots of growth (hopefully).