Easter is a time for celebration and gathering with family and friends. And what better way to celebrate than with an Easter-themed charcuterie board that is sure to impress your guests and elevate your Easter celebration?

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As Easter approaches, we start thinking about gathering with friends and family for celebration. Having an Easter charcuterie board is the perfect way to wow your guests and allow them to graze while they chat away. Charcuterie boards allow you to showcase a beautiful array of meats, cheeses, fruits, desserts, and more in a creative spread. 

How to Create an Easter Charcuterie Board

If you are going for the traditional Charcuterie board, start with cured meats like prosciutto, salami, or smoked turkey. Add marinated vegetables like artichokes and olives for color and flavor. Cubed cheeses, like brie, cheddar and goat cheese, and fruits.. 

For a sweet Easter board, create your boards using various candies, cookies, fruits, Easter eggs and any Easter-themed ingredient that you think your guests will love.. 

Decorate your board with edible flowers if you can find them. Don’t forget the essentials – crackers, breadsticks, and your favorite dip or butter for spreading. As a finishing touch, tie festive ribbons around your board or platter.

The key is using shapes, colors, and themes related to Easter and spring to make it festive. Have fun arranging and garnishing your charcuterie board!

Easter Charcuterie Board Ideas

Seasonal Easter Charcuterie Board
Looking for something special to serve during the Easter holiday? Check out this delicious and easy-to-make Easter charcuterie board recipe.
This festive Easter charcuterie board comes complete with loads of delicious seasonal ingredients that are sure to please.
Check out this recipe!
Easter Bunny Buttercream Board
This festive Easter Buttercream Board features an adorable bunny, made with buttercream frosting, plus lots of sweet treats for dipping!
A Buttercream Board is a new food trend inspired by the ever-popular Charcuterie Board.
Check out this recipe!
Bunny Butt Cheeseball & Charcuterie Board
Looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter or Spring? These adorable Bunny Butt Cheeseball & Charcuterie Board would be the perfect snack to serve!
It's flavorful, delicious, and easy to throw together! Who doesn’t love a cheeseball, after all? Especially if it's shaped like a little bunny bum!
Check out this recipe!
Easter Candy Charcuterie Board
This fun Easter candy charcuterie board is the perfect sweet treat for the kiddos! Serve it during Easter or for a themed movie night!
Charcuterie and candy boards are a fun addition to any holiday or special occasion. They support the theme of the celebration. And they are delicious!
Check out this recipe!
I Heart Naptime easter fruit tray 3
Easter Fruit Tray
Impress everyone at your family gathering with this bright, beautiful, and delicious Easter fruit tray!
A bunny rabbit made with fresh fruit and berries is just about the cutest thing you’ll ever eat. Serve with a tasty fruit dip on the side!
Check out this recipe!
easter charcuterie board 5 of 8
Easter Charcuterie Board
An Easter charcuterie board made with crisp vegetables, fresh fruit, cured meats, cheeses, and a few colorful and delicious sweet treats.
Create a lovely charcuterie board this Easter to serve your friends and family. Add fun Easter touches, like carrots, Easter eggs, and bunny-shaped treats. It’s cute and delicious!
Check out this recipe!
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Fun Easter Charcuterie Board
Celebrate Easter with a fun Easter Charcuterie Board! Full of fresh fruit, veggies, and Easter candy, it’s a great way to entertain and snack.
Whether you like to celebrate with a delicious Easter brunch or an amazing Easter dinner, one thing is certain – tasty food is always a huge hit!
Check out this recipe!
Bunny butt platter 6 scaled 1
Bunny Butt Cheese Ball Platter
The cheeseball is so simple to make that even novice home cooks can whip it up without much fuss – plus, there’s minimal cleanup after everything is served!
A delicious Bunny Butt Cheese Ball made with strawberry cake mix, cream cheese, sprinkles, and white chocolate – a hit at any Easter party!
Check out this recipe!
Easter Bunny Fruit Tray
Making an Easter fruit tray is easy to do. You can modify the fruit based on your preferences, and it’s perfect for Easter brunch, Easter Party, or any other springtime celebration!
Boards of any kind are super popular right now! The more creative. the better! You can make almost anything into a board or tray. And surprisingly, it’s not that hard to do!
Check out this recipe!
easter fruit tray_ 11
Easter Fruit Tray
An Easter Fruit Tray is the perfect appetizer for your Easter party or holiday brunch. A simple addition of yogurt and Easter chocolate candies adds the perfect final touches.
Enjoy the colors and flavors of spring when you munch on fruit bunny shapes and juicy berries.
Check out this recipe!
Easter Candy and Dessert Charcuterie Board
If you’re looking to put together an Easter Candy Charcuterie Board, keep reading! So, let’s begin to build an amazing board for your Easter celebration.
Shows you how to create it as well as what sweet treats and homemade desserts to include for a stunning effect!
Check out this recipe!
Easy Easter Charcuterie Board
You are going to love this easy Easter Charcuterie Board. We loaded this Easter board with fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, our favorite meats and cheeses, and even popped some fun Easter candy in there, as well.
This beautiful Easter charcuterie board is a great way to let everyone snack while they’re waiting for Easter dinner to be served. It will be a great addition to your Easter spread.
Check out this recipe!
Easter Candy Charcuterie Board
A beautifully arranged Easter candy charcuterie board is an easy dessert for your next Easter dinner. Keep reading to learn some simple tips for creating an Easter holiday candy board.
Traditional charcuterie boards are typically made with cheese, sausage, and crackers. But don't be limited by tradition.
Check out this recipe!
Easter Treat Board
This Easter Charcuterie Board is the perfect dessert candy dessert board to serve at your next Easter party or Springtime Brunch.
Packed full of Easter candy charcuterie board ideas from chocolate bunnies, to peanut butter Easter eggs, to marshmallow peeps, this is an Easter dessert that the adults and kids will love!
Check out this recipe!
Easter Charcuterie Board
Easter Charcuterie Board
There are a lot of ideas on what and how you can make a dessert and candy board for Easter, but here is a simple and easy way to create your own cute Easter treat board.
Check out this recipe!
Easter Candy Board 6 scaled 1
Easter Candy Board
Make a beautiful Easter Candy Charcuterie Board featuring colorful and sweet Easter candies and decadent chocolates. Tips for making a gorgeous Easter dessert board.
Check out this recipe!

Easter-themed Recipes to Add to Your Charcuterie Board

If you need ideas for what to put on your Easter board other than the traditional charcuterie board items, these would all make great additions!

Easter Charcuterie Board FAQs

What do I put on my charcuterie board for Easter?

Fill your Easter charcuterie board with traditional charcuterie board ingredients like cured meats, cheeses, and fresh fruits cut and shaped like your favorite Easter item or decor. 

Add some simple Easter sweets and treats like bird nest cookies, Easter cookies, Easter eggs, and candies. Nail the Easter theme with some spring colors, like bright or pastel colors.

Where can I get a charcuterie board?

You can get your board (of any shape you want) from Amazon, Walmart, Target, HomeGoods, and other specialty stores.

I hope you found a great inspiration to make your own Easter charcuterie boards or Easter boards!

Are you looking for more Easter ideas? I have a post of No-bake Easter desserts as well as plenty of free Easter crafts the kids can engage in.

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