Bagel Recipes To Enjoy on National Bagel Day

Last updated on: 15th May 2022
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January 15th is National Bagel Day! Toast up your favorite flavor on National Bagel Day. Make them for breakfast, lunch, or snack, or all of the above!

How To Celebrate National Bagel Day

Check out some of the best ways to celebrate National Bagel Day

Bagel Recipes You’ll Love

Breakfast bagels, pizza bagels, za’atar bagels, they all sound so delicious right now. Which one will you choose?

Easy Homemade Bagels

These easy to make homemade bagels use only a handful of pantry ingredients and taste just like fresh New York bagels (without all the calories!)

Get the recipe here: Easy Homemade Bagels

Homemade Pizza Bagels

These pizza bagels are fantastic for lunch or dinner or you can even enjoy them as a late-night snack when ordering pizza would not be an option.

Get the recipe here: Homemade Pizza Bagels

Air Fryer Bagel Pizzas

This vegan recipe is so simple, you could get the kids involved with it and everyone can add their own favorite toppings.

Get the recipe here: Air Fryer Bagel Pizzas

Homemade Bagels

This easy recipe proves that you can make delicious bagels in your own kitchen. And just look at the toppings on those bagels, find out how to make them all!

Get the recipe here: Homemade Bagels

Jalapeno Low Carb Bagels

These low carb bagels are flavored with spicy jalapeno and topped with cheese. Baked with a Fathead Dough it is a cheesy, low carb delight with a hint of spice.

Get the recipe here: Jalapeno Low Carb Bagels

Sesame Seed Bagels

This bagel recipe is absolutely delicious and produces wonderful chewy bagels with the toppings of your choice. 

Get the recipe here: Sesame Seed Bagels

Breakfast Bagels

Breakfast Bagels are so easy to make and customizable. These are made with eggs, cheese, and ham but you could also try adding bacon, sausage, or tomato as well.

Get the recipe here: Breakfast Bagels

Za’atar Bagels

This 4 ingredient za’atar bagel recipe is an easy breakfast! All you need is self-rising flour, Greek yogurt, an egg, and za’atar for the best bagels ever!

Get the recipe here: Za’atar Bagels

2 Ingredient Dough Rainbow Bagels

These bagels are beautiful on the outside, but they become incredible when you cut them open. They look like something sort of magical, out of the most colorful magazine pages ever.

Get the recipe here: 2 Ingredient Dough Rainbow Bagels

Vegan bagel sandwich with hummus & vegetables

This vegan bagel sandwich is a simple lunch that’s ready in no time. Just toast a bagel. Then top it with a slathering of homemade hummus and fresh, crunchy sliced vegetables.

Get the recipe here: Vegan bagel sandwich with hummus & vegetables


Try this ultimate vegan bagel sandwich recipe loaded with cashew cream cheese and delicious vegan lox. This is one of my favorite vegan lunch ideas.

Get the recipe here: Vegan Bagel Sandwich

Air Fryer Bagels

Making delicious Air Fryer Bagels at home is easy and fun! These yeast-free Greek yogurt bagels are done in under an hour and have that perfectly soft and chewy bagel texture.

Get the recipe here: Air Fryer Bagels

Try one of these bagel recipes this National Bagel Day.

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