Brighten your day with these fun and easy sunflower crafts. From paper plates to crafts for the home, these adorable sunflower crafts are for every level of crafter.

sunflower crafts

There’s something about sunflowers that just instantly brightens up anyone’s day. These iconic blooms are a sight to behold, with vibrant yellow petals, delicate centers, and towering stems that remind us of warm summer days.

If you’re looking for some sunny crafting ideas to add a touch of sunshine to your life, we have found lots of fun and easy sunflower crafts that will bring joy to your day.

This collection has everything from home decor to easy crafts for kids. So grab your crafting supplies, and let your creativity bloom!

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Dollar Store Stick Sunflower Craft
This simple and budget-friendly craft is perfect for all ages. Simple jumbo craft sticks from the Dollar Store transform into a gorgeous Sunflower just in time for Summer! This simple sunflower craft can be used as home decor or given as a gift.
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Pom Pom Sunflower Fridge Magnets
Add a touch of whimsy to your fridge with these pom-pom sunflower magnets. You can create these cute and functional magnets with just a few materials to brighten up any kitchen.
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diy cardboard sunflower vertical salvagesisterandmister.com_.jpg
DIY Cardboard Sunflower
Create a stunning sunflower using cardboard and paint. This easy project is perfect for a lovely wall decoration, a place card setting, or a decoration for a party.
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How To Make Beautiful DIY Resin Sunflower Craft 12.jpg
DIY Resin Sunflower Coasters
Bring the beauty of sunflowers to your table with these stunning resin coasters. These handmade coasters will add a touch of elegance to any home and make for a unique gift idea.
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sunflower craft with paper plates image.jpg
Cute Paper Plate Sunflower Craft
This cute paper plate sunflower craft is perfect for young children. With some paint, markers, and a little bit of imagination, kids can create their own bright and cheery sunflowers to display proudly.
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Sunflower Wreath 7 2.jpg
Bicycle Tire Sunflower Wreath
Transform an old bicycle tire into a beautiful sunflower wreath with this creative craft idea. With just some paint and faux sunflowers, you can add a touch of rustic charm to your front door.
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completed coffee filter sunflowers.jpg
Coffee Filter Sunflower Craft
Who knew coffee filters could be turned into such beautiful sunflowers? This easy and budget-friendly craft is perfect for a lazy afternoon and can add some color to any room in your home.
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DIY Felt Sunflower WrReath 3652 720×1080.jpg
DIY Felt Sunflower Wreath
If you love working with felt, this DIY sunflower wreath is the perfect project for you. The soft texture of felt and the pops of color make for a stunning piece of home decor.
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denim sunfower corsage ft.jpg
DIY Fabric Sunflower Coesage
Add a touch of floral elegance to your outfit with these DIY fabric sunflower corsages. With some old denim and glue, you can create your own unique accessory that's perfect for any special occasion.
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sunflower wreath FB.jpg
DIY Sunflower Wreath
Welcome guests to your home with this stunning sunflower wreath. Bright and cheery with a touch of rustic charm, this sunflower wreath is a beautiful piece to hang either indoors or out.
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File_001 2.jpg
Paper Sunflower
Create a beautiful sunflower with just some paper, scissors, and glue. This simple project is perfect for displaying and adding a pop of color to any room in your home.
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sunflower crochet bookmark 1200x800a.jpg
Sunflower Crochet Bookmark Pattern
Crochet enthusiasts will love this sunflower bookmark pattern. This adorable and functional bookmark is perfect for keeping your place in your favorite book and makes for a thoughtful gift for the book lovers in your life.
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wood circle summer wreath.jpg
Wood Slice Wreath with Sunflowers
Add a rustic touch to your home with this wood slice wreath adorned with sunflowers. This project is perfect for those who love nature-inspired crafts and want to add some charm to their front door.
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Sunflower Bottle Cap Craft.jpg
Sunflower Bottle Cap Craft
Turn old bottle caps into cute and colorful sunflowers with this fun craft idea. This project is perfect for recycling and upcycling enthusiasts, and the end result is a unique piece of home decor.
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paper plate sunflower1.jpg
Paper Plate Sunflower Craft with Pasta
This fun and interactive craft is perfect for kids. Using simple materials like paper plates, Pom Poms, and pasta, kids can create their own sunflowers that they can play with or display.
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crochet sunflowers final4.jpg
Crochet Sunflowers for Beginners
Crochet lovers, add some sunshine to your projects with this adorable sunflower pattern. These crochet sunflowers could be used to decorate hats, bags, or as home decor.
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Origami Sunflower feature.jpg
Simple Origami Sunflower
If you love origami and sunflowers, this tutorial is perfect for you. This simple origami project is a unique way to create a paper sunflower that can be displayed or used as a gift topper.
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easy sunflower craft with toilet paper roll stamp.jpg
Toilet Paper Roll Stamp Sunflower Craft
Don't throw away your toilet paper rolls – turn them into stamps for this fun and simple sunflower craft! Kids will love creating their own designs with this easy stamping technique.
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sunflower mixed media art.jpg
Mixed Media Sunflower Art Project
Get creative with this mixed-media sunflower art project that combines different materials like paint, tissue paper, and fabric to create a unique and vibrant artwork.
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Paper Plate Sunflower
Younger kids can get in on the sunflower crafting fun with this simple paper plate craft. This project is perfect for developing fine motor skills and creating a cute sunflower to display.
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Painted Sunflower Rocks horiz2.jpg
Painted Sunflower Rocks
Get outside and gather some rocks to create these whimsical painted sunflowers. This craft can be done with kids of all ages and makes for a fun activity.
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tissue paper stained glass flower craft 8.jpg
Tissue Paper Stained Glass Flower Craft
Add some color to your windows with this tissue paper stained glass sunflower craft.
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3 1.jpg
Sunflower Art With Vincent Van Gogh
Teach your kids about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh while creating their own sunflower masterpiece. This project is perfect for combining art and history in a fun and educational way.
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Fork painted sunflower craft 7.png
Fork-Painted Sunflower Craft
Use a fork to create the petals of this adorable sunflower craft. This project is perfect for younger kids and allows them to explore different painting techniques while creating their own flower.
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Sunflower Coloring Pages.png
Free Sunflower Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids
Relax and unwind with these free sunflower coloring pages. Perfect for adults and kids, this activity is a great way to destress and get creative with different colors and designs.
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