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Mind-Blowing Gifts for Dads Who Love Puzzles

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Whether your dad is a fan of word games, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, or three-dimensional brain teasers, you’re sure to find something to the best gift to challenge every dad! Or basically, any people who like puzzles – Ignite their passion and love for solving puzzles.

If you are on the lookout for some great puzzle gifts for dads, we’re sure there is something in our puzzle gift guide that your dad will love!

After all, you know dad loves a challenge!

Mind-Blowing Puzzle Gifts For Dad

Some people are just wild about puzzles. They get great pleasure out of figuring out the latest brain game. They’ve never met a Rubiks Cube they didn’t try to solve.

If your dad is crazy about puzzles, this list of best gifts for puzzle lovers will offer you some truly tempting choices.

You may even have to get some of these for yourself!

Best Gifts For Dads Who Love Puzzles

A Wooden Powder Keg of a Puzzle

If you’re looking for challenging and unique puzzle gifts for dads, this 3D Interlocking Wooden Puzzle – the Powder Keg – is a great choice. The lovely and well-crafted puzzle comes in its own gift box and even has a 100% lifetime guarantee.

This is one puzzle gift that will not only challenge dad, but it will also charm him, too. This is for puzzle-loving dads who appreciate quality in every way!

Ahyuan Handmade Powder Barrel Wooden Puzzles for Adults an Interlocking 3d Brain Teaser Puzzles for Adults Hidden passage works on a classic mechanical puzzle concept

Get one here!

A Super Cool Metal Puzzle

This Cake Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle is completely wonderful. Rated a Level 4 difficulty, it’s sure to present a decent challenge to your puzzle-loving dad.

This little puzzle is small enough to fit in dad’s pocket, making it a gift that dad can enjoy even when he’s at work. This gift might just be the ultimate “fidget spinner” for dads who love puzzles.

CAKE Hanayama Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle _ New 2017 Design _ Level 4 Difficulty Rating

Get it here!

20 Wire Brain Teaser Puzzles

For dads who love brain teaser puzzles, this cool box of puzzles might be the perfect gift. This awesome box has 20 little wire puzzles in it, each one with its own unique solution.

If you’re looking for puzzle gifts for dad that might keep him busy for a few hours, this wonderful box is a real treasure!

LOOBANI Assorted Brain Teasers Metal Wire IQ Puzzles with Plastic Box Package Great Educational Intelligence Toys for Adult Children and Student Expanding Mind 1 Set 20Pcs

Get one here!

A Very Tricky Labyrinth Cube

For a truly unique puzzle, check out this awesome Labyrinth Cube. This is one of those puzzle gifts for dads who seriously love a challenge.

Rated a level 10 in difficulty (with 12 being the hardest), this cute has multiple layers of a labyrinth maze inside that the solver has to move the ball through. The tricky part, though, is that you can’t see inside.

If your dad loves a real puzzle challenge, this cube is an excellent gift!

INSIDE3 Vicious0 Labyrinth Cube Level : 10 Out of 12

Get one here!

Make Dad Puzzle Out His Wine Gift

If your dad is as much a fan of wine as he is of puzzles, this super cool brain teaser puzzle will really make him smile. You just fit the puzzle around a nice bottle of wine and give it to dad for the ultimate fun and challenging gift.

Dad will love using his mind to figure his puzzle out, and he’ll love the prize he gets as a reward when he does!

Fun Wine Gifts Game Bottle Puzzle for Wine Lovers Brain Teaser Adults fit with 750 ml

Grab one here!

An Awesome Da Vinci Code Cryptex

Is your dad a fan of the Da Vinci Code movie or book? Many puzzle fans are because there are so many wonderful puzzles in that story. One of the most famous is the cryptex, and this version of that famous cryptex makes a great gift for the puzzle-loving dad in your life.

Dad has to figure out what the password is in order to open this puzzle. Leave it on the default password “ILOVEU” or pick something else that is just perfect for your dad. This might just become his new favorite toy!

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Valentine's Day Interesting Creative Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her

Get it here!

A Truly Unique Logic Puzzles Book

If your dad is a fan of logic problems, this may be one of the best puzzle gifts for dads on the list. Not only is this a book full of logic problems, but they are all related. Reading a bit like a novel, this book follows a group of friends who love murder-mystery games.

Each puzzle dad solves will immerse him more deeply into the story, giving him the pleasure of sleuthing out the clues until he finally solves the case!

Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles

Get it here!

For Sudoku-Addicted Dads

Sudoku puzzles are all the rage and if dad’s a fan, he’ll love this book. Considered the ultimate Sudoku Challenge, this massive book has 1000 Sudoku puzzles in four different difficulty levels.

Even if your dad is still a beginner, he will love the chance to challenge himself and perfect his skills as he moves through the different levels. Sudoku is great fun for detail-oriented dads who love numbers!

Sudoku Puzzle Book: The Ultimate Sudoku Challenge - 1000 Puzzles (Vol. 1)

Check it out here!

Best Gifts For Jigsaw Puzzle Loving Dads

One Scary Pencil Puzzle

For dads who love jigsaw puzzles, sometimes it can be hard to find challenging enough puzzles. But this Pencil puzzle is certain to be challenging enough for the most hard-core puzzle master. It might even be too hard!

This is one of those perfect puzzle gifts for dads who either like the nearly impossible – or have a very good sense of humor. Just don’t be surprised if dad dares you to help him with the puzzle!

White Mountain Puzzles Pencil Collage - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Pick one up here!

A Beautiful Antique World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

If your puzzle-loving dad is also a fan of maps, travel, or antiques, he might just love this beautiful 1000-piece Antique World Map Puzzle. This puzzle is seriously classy, with an elegance that will make building it truly pleasurable.

There’s so much gorgeous detail to this puzzle, from the maps themselves to the country flags and symbols, and so much more. This puzzle might even get your dad dreaming about that big trip he always wanted to take.

Educa Antique World Map 1000-Piece Puzzle

Get one here!

Fun Beer Cap Puzzle

A good mix of difficult and fun – this beer cap puzzle will appeal to the puzzle lover who loves his beer.

White Mountain Puzzles Beer Bottle Caps - 550Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Get one here!

Gifts For Crossword Puzzle Lovers

Crosswords are one of the oldest kinds of puzzles around. Challenging and fun – people who love them will like our gift suggestions.

The World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle

This is a great gift idea for a crossword puzzle lover – and what an achievement to complete the world’s largest crossword puzzle!

This isn’t the only puzzle that claims to be the largest… check out more of them here.

Vintage Sports Cards World's Largest Crossword Puzzle

Buy yours here!

For Crossword-Addicted Dads

How could we not suggest this MEGA collection of puzzles? This crossword book has 300 puzzles to enjoy!

Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #19 (19) (S&S Mega Crossword Puzzles)

Pick up a copy here!

Funny Crossword Mug

We think this crossword mug is both funny and perfect for the avid crossword puzzle player. This mug makes a statement and a perfect gift. Plus, there are lots of other cool mugs to choose from – click here to see many more.

Our Name is Mud “Retire Crossword” Stoneware Mug, 16 oz.

Get it here!

If your dad loves puzzles, I hope you saw something on this list of gifts for people who love puzzles that is perfect for him. 

Our dads give us so much. Finding a pleasant way to drive him mad for a little while seems only right!

Vickie Louise is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of A Crazy Family. She is a stay at home mom of a little boy with a big personality. After having her son, she realized how important it is for moms to take care of themselves, physically and mentally. Vickie believes in the power of using social media and her online presence for good and is thrilled to provide you with a space to celebrate all that is awesome (and a little crazy) in the world.

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