These fun crafts are an amazing opportunity to use this fascination with fireflies to create memories and make crafts together! So today, we’re sharing some fun and creative firefly crafts the kids will love.

Kids are naturally drawn to the beauty of fireflies. There is something beautiful about the idea that they light up our night skies and that we only get to enjoy them for a couple of months each year.

14 Ways to Make Lightning Bugs

Many of these ideas can be made with materials you have around the house, like egg cartons, clothespins, or empty paper towel rolls. The best part is playing with the lightning bug crafts after they’re completed—many of them can double as toys!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started making some lightning bug crafts!

Clothespin Firefly Craft – Grab a few clothespins, paint, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to make these adorable clothespin fireflies. Add a magnet to the back to turn them into cute magnets for the fridge.

The clothespins are still functional, so you could use them to hang a cute drawing from the kids. Alternatively, clip a bunch of them to a long stretch of twine to make a firefly banner to hang for the summer.

Fireflies Around a Campfire – This sweet handprint and fingerprint craft makes a wonderful summer keepsake of the time you spent together camping or sitting around a bonfire and catching fireflies.

And while the fireflies aren’t the main focus of this craft, we had to include it because it’s too darn cute to pass up!

Wooden Spoon Firefly – Kids will adore this lightning bug craft made from a wooden spoon, construction paper, bubble wrap, and a few other simple crafting materials.

Using a hot glue gun makes this craft much easier, but if you’re using school glue, make sure you allow for ample drying time.  Hang a loop of twine or ribbon to turn it into a fun ornament or wall hanger. 

Firefly Art Project – For older kids, try this gorgeous firefly art project made with an upcycled cereal box and real, functioning lights to make the fireflies light up. It’s best to use a battery-operated set of lights for this art project so you can tuck all the wires behind the box.

The firefly silhouettes against the night sky are just stunning. This is definitely a wall-worthy piece of art that will look amazing in the kids’ bedroom or the playroom!

Egg Carton Lightning Bugs – Use a little paint, cardstock, and creativity to easily turn an old egg carton into these cute lightning bugs. This firefly is easy for little hands to grasp, so it’ll be loads of fun to take outside and fly around as you try to spot the real thing.

Glow in the Dark Fireflies – Who knew painted pasta could look so beautiful? The pasta shapes (farfalloni, large shells, and lumache rigate) are painted in glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint to make them really glow when the lights are out. Kids will need assistance using the hot glue gun.

The finished lightning bugs are attached to dowels—isn’t that handy? Sticks would work, too. Once they’re dry, head outdoors to fly them around at night and watch them glow. 

Tissue Paper Firefly – Hang this bright, cheerful firefly in the window this summer! His bright yellow belly is covered in torn tissue paper, making this an excellent craft for fine motor skills like tearing and cutting. 

Paper Roll Light Up Firefly – With a free shape template, this firefly craft couldn’t be easier. Plus, it really lights up, so it’ll make a fantastic night light in your child’s bedroom.

A battery-operated LED candle lights up his abdomen (made with yellow tissue paper) quite nicely. 

Pine Cone Fireflies – Go for a nature walk to collect small pine cones for this creative lightning bug project. Add a little paint, construction paper wings, and googly eyes, and a simple prickly pinecone becomes an enchanting little firefly. It’ll look great in a fairy garden or sitting atop a dowel in the flower bed.

Paper Bag Lightning Bug – Grab a small paper lunch sack, some black and yellow paint, and wax paper to get to work on your very own lightning bug puppet.

Children can play with it while listening to their favorite stories about fireflies like Firefly Home or It’s a Firefly Night

Paper Towel Roll Firefly – Kids will instantly recognize this sweet firefly from the book The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle. Doesn’t it look just like the lightning bug from the story?

Kids can practice painting, cutting, and gluing to turn an ordinary paper towel tube into a lovely insect craft.

Plastic Egg Lightning Bugs – You’ve probably got a stray plastic Easter egg or two around your home. Use them to make little lightning bug toys that really light up.

Once you add the face, antennae, and legs, the bugs are ready for their battery-operated tealight candles. Put them out on your patio or deck to enjoy at night.

Leo the Lightning Bug Craft – This little purple lightning bug craft is based on the book Leo the Lightning Bug. It’s a great story about finding confidence, believing in yourself, and persevering.

Make this craft as a reminder to kids to believe in their own abilities, no matter how small or how “different” they think they are.

Egg Carton Firefly – Here’s another version of the egg carton firefly. In this version, the wings are made with the top of the egg carton rather than cardstock, and they’re inserted into slits on the side of the firefly’s body. The antennae have buttons on top, making the firefly look extra cute.

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Ashley Langston
Ashley Langston
3 years ago

We had fun with this lightning bug craft – a perfect summer activity for kids. Thanks for sharing.