25 Creative Non-Candy Valentines Kids Will Love – Looking for candy-free alternatives for Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s because there are food allergies in the class or simply because you think the little munchkins will have enough candy passed out to them, you are looking for ideas for non-candy valentines to hand out this year.

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25 Creative Non-Candy Valentines Kids Will Love

This list has plenty of creative and adorable ideas that you will just love. All of these are easy, DIY school Valentine’s that any kid would love to give OR receive.

Watercolor Valentine

For all the little budding artists in the class.

Find this Valentine idea at Smart School House

Blow A Kiss Valentine

The kids might love this, but I’m pretty sure the teachers wouldn’t.

Find this Valentine idea at Second Street

Crazy Straw Valentines Cards

The kids will go “crazy” for these cute heart-shaped crazy straws!

Find this Valentine idea at That’s What Che Said

Valentine Love Bug Fruit Cups

Cute AND delicious!

Find this Valentine idea at I Heart Naptime

DIY Toy Plane Valentines

What kid doesn’t like to pretend they’re piloting a super cool airplane?

Find this Valentine idea at Make Life Lovely

I Spy Valentine Game

Can you find all the items named on the card? Will you be the first to find them all?

Find this Valentine idea at Designer Blogs Studio

Play-doh Valentine

Who doesn’t LOVE to play with Playdoh?

Find this Valentine idea at Grace And Good Eats

Rainbow Bracelet Valentine

Your child’s classmates will be over the rainbow when they get one of these great bracelets.

Find this Valentine idea at Nest Of Posies

Diy Crayon Heart Valentines

Kids will love these one of a kind Valentine gifts.

Find this Valentine idea at The No Pressure Life

You Blow Me Away Valentine

Alright, this one is technically candy but it’s super cute right?

Find this Valentine idea at My Name Is Snickerdoodle

You’re Erase-istible Valentine

Cute little erasers? How adorable!

Find this Valentine idea at What Moms Love

Ruler Valentines Day Cards

A useful Valentine even the teacher will appreciate getting.

Find this Valentine idea at Kenarry

Race Car Valentine Cards

On your mark, get set, GO!!

Find this Valentine idea at Hello, Wonderful

Kinetic Sand Valentine

This is a super cool, inexpensive idea that the kiddies will have fun with for hours!

Find this Valentine idea at Smart School House

Got My Eyes On You Valentine

How adorable will your child’s classmates look walking around wearing these all day??

Find this Valentine idea at Lil Luna

Pirate Valentines

Aye-Aye matey. These Valentines are better than treasure.

Find this Valentine idea at Make Life Lovely

Glow Stick Valentines

Anything that glows is going to go over super well with kids.

Find this Valentine idea at Craftiness Is Not Optional

Bouncy Ball Valentine

Kids love bouncy-balls. It’s a fact.

Find this Valentine idea at Craft-O-Maniac

Whoopee Cushion Valentine

The kids will think this prank is hilarious. The poor teacher on the other hand….

Find this Valentine idea at Paging Super Mom

Rubiks Cube Valentine

Teeny-tiny Rubiks Cubes! The kids will love these! The teacher might love them too because they promote critical thinking skills.

Find this Valentine idea at Darling Darleen

Valentines Heart Stamper

Stamps are always a fan favorite. Give a kid a stamper and see if every surface in sight hasn’t been stamped by the end of the day.

Find this Valentine idea at I Heart Crafty Things

Bullseye Pencil Valentine

Kids always need more pencils and erasers. Make those pencils have a cool pattern and/or color and kids will cheer!

Find this Valentine idea at Positively Splendid

You’ve Got The Write Stuff Valentine

Ahh…more school supplies masquerading as a Valentine. Clever Mom, clever.

Find this Valentine idea at My Name Is Snickerdoodle

You Make My Heart Bubble Valentine

Super cute! Non Candy Valentines using Bubbles

Find this Valentine idea at Skip To My Lou

Valentines Slappy Bracelet

Get ready to get slap-happy! These were a huge hit in the very early 1990s and have been a hit with every generation since!

Find this Valentine idea at What Moms Love

So no matter what your reason, coming up with a unique and cute Valentine alternative to the traditional candy Valentine is just a great idea.

These 25 non-candy valentines will definitely get you an A+ from your child’s classmates and teachers!

Let me know if you plan to try one of the awesome ideas above and how it goes over in the classroom.

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