27 Festive and Delicious Christmas Party Food Your Guests Will Love

Last updated on: 15th May 2022
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Its the season for Christmas parties! Who doesn’t love a good holiday party? And all the festive Christmas party food… Yum!

I’m a sucker for good Christmas party food. And any one of these recipes would be perfect whether you are hosting a party or going to a party.

All the party recipes found in this post are both simple and delicious making them sure to be a crowd-pleasing treat. 

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Fun and Festive Christmas Party Food

All of these recipes have been sourced from top food and drink experts. Click through to see the recipes.

Easy Christmas Appetizer “Hummus Wreath”

So quick to make, but this delicious, easy Christmas appetizer is sure to impress! Bonus: it can even be made completely ahead of time!

Get the recipe here: Hummus Wreath

Christmas Tree Charcuterie Tray

Meats, cheeses, and fruit arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree in this holiday appetizer that is perfect for your Christmas party!

Get the recipe here: Christmas Tree Charcuterie Tray

Reindeer Christmas Cheese Balls

Turn delicious bacon ranch mini cheese balls into cute reindeer with this simple recipe. These cute Christmas cheese balls are perfect for any holiday party! These will add a fun touch to your Christmas party spread!

Get the recipe here: Reindeer Christmas Cheese Balls

Red Velvet Cake Roll with Chocolate & Peppermint Butter Cream Frosting

Red Velvet Cake Roll is a festive holiday dessert that is fit for a king, a queen, or just about anyone lucky enough to make Santa’s nice list!

Get the recipe here: Festive Red Velvet Cake Roll

Gingerbread Toffee

Rich molasses and warm gingerbread spices give this homemade toffee a seasonal twist. Put this gingerbread toffee on your holiday dessert table and you have a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

Get the recipe here: Gingerbread Toffee

Roasted Turkey & Black Currant Brie Bites

If you are looking for a quick (under 15 minutes), easy and unique appetizer for your next holiday potluck or party, give this festive holiday recipe a try. Make this unique and delicious easy turkey brie appetizer with leftover turkey.

Get the recipe here: Roasted Turkey & Black Currant Brie Bites

Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread

When it comes to holiday appetizers this Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread will really dress up the evening. Make sure to serve it with plenty of different dipping sauces!

Get the recipe here: Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread

Christmas Wreath Cookies

Try these easy, five Ingredient, no bake Christmas Wreath Cookies! They’re the perfect addition to your holiday cookie plate!

Get the recipe here: Christmas Wreath Cookies

Vegan Cheese Ball with Cranberries and Pistachios

This is a perfect appetizer for any holiday gathering, game day, ladies brunch, or party in general. This vegan cheese ball is dairy-free, is covered with cranberries and pistachios, is easy to make, and is absolutely delicious.

Get the recipe here: Vegan Cheese Ball with Cranberries and Pistachios

Cranberry Party Punch

This cranberry punch recipe takes any holiday to the next level, not just Christmas. It is easy to make, and you can serve this punch recipe year-round.

Get the recipe here: Cranberry Party Punch

Christmas Pretzels

Christmas Pretzels are a deliciously simple answer to holiday snacking and gifting. No baking and no special tools are required to create these adorable chocolate treats. This is an easy, fast, and fun activity for the whole family.

Get the recipe here: Christmas Pretzels

Sugar Cookie Cheesecake Cheeseball

Sugar Cookie lover? Cheesecake lover? This simple and amazing Sugar Cookie Cheesecake Cheeseball will be the hit of the party!

Get the recipe here: Sugar Cookie Cheesecake Cheeseball

Fun Snowman Pretzels

These Snowman Pretzels are fun snowman desserts that you can make for any Christmas Party or winter occasion! 

Get the recipe here: Snowman Pretzels

Melting Snowman Cupcakes

Melting snowman cupcakes, a super easy to make Winter dessert which is sure to impress your guests at your Christmas Party!

Get the recipe here: Melting Snowman Cupcakes

Candy Cane Crunch Christmas Popcorn

This delicious popcorn recipe is perfectly festive for Christmas with peppermint patties, candy canes, and red/green sprinkles! Your family will love it!

Get the recipe here: Candy Cane Crunch Christmas Popcorn

Cranberry Brie Bites

Festive, easy, cranberry brie bites make the perfect appetizer that tastes and looks fancy! Gooey melty cheese with tart cranberry sauce wrapped in a golden, buttery, and flaky puff pastry, to make these bite-sized snacks or appetizers for your next holiday gathering!

Get the recipe here: Cranberry Brie Bites

Dairy Free Rice Krispie Treats

These Rice Krispie Treats are so easy to make and can be decorated in so many ways. They make the perfect quick dessert for any holiday or party as both kids and adults love them!

Get the recipe here: Dairy Free Rice Krispie Treats

Beef Crostini With Mascarpone Sauce

Beef tenderloin crostini appetizers are a tasty yet easy appetizer to put together for the holidays and they will impress your guests!

Get the recipe here: Beef Crostini With Mascarpone Sauce

Potato Rosemary and Cheese Tarts

Cute puff pastry tartlets topped with melted cheese and thin slices of rosemary potatoes crisped up in the oven. These cheesy rosemary potato tarts are a perfect appetizer for any meal of holiday feast!

Get the recipe here: Potato Rosemary and Cheese Tarts

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Chocolate Cupcakes

These peppermint chocolate cupcakes are easy to make for a delicious festive dessert. Your family will want seconds!

Get the recipe here: Peppermint Hot Cocoa Chocolate Cupcakes

Holiday Hot Fruit Punch

A hot fruit punch or ponche de frutas is a must-have during the holidays in Guatemala. Not only does a steaming mug of fruit punch warm you up, but the spices and fresh fruit make it a deliciously fragrant drink to serve.

Get the recipe here: Holiday Hot Fruit Punch

Christmas Swirl Cheesecake Bars

These Christmas Swirl Cheesecake Bars are definitely going to be a big hit at this year’s Christmas party!

Get the recipe here: Christmas Swirl Cheesecake Bars

Snowmen Meringue Cookies

These snowman-shaped Vegan Meringue Cookies will be a hit at your next wintertime gathering. They are sweet, crisp, airy, and completely adorable!

Get the recipe here: Snowmen Meringue Cookies

Funfetti Dessert Snowman Cheese Ball

This Funfetti Cheeseball is an easy no-bake dessert dip that will thrill the kids at your next gathering. A handful of ingredients turned into an adorable snowman will be the hit of the holiday party!

Get the recipe here: Funfetti Dessert Snowman Cheese Ball

Christmas Tree Mini Quiches

Christmas tree mini quiches recipe is easy, delicious, and healthy! These potato-based fluffy mini quiches will make an impressive appetizer for your holiday table!

Get the recipe here: Christmas Tree Mini Quiches

Ham, Brie, and Cranberry Sliders with Maple Rosemary Mustard

Ham, Brie, and Cranberry Sliders with Maple Rosemary Mustard are festive, flavorful sliders that are perfect for holiday entertaining!

Get the recipe here: Ham, Brie and Cranberry Sliders

Mini Reindeer Cakes

These adorable Mini Reindeer Cakes spark all the holiday joy if you ask me! Make these sweet, tasty desserts to make your holiday table a little brighter this year!

Get the recipe here: Mini Reindeer Cakes

So, whether you are hosting the party, going to a party, or even having friends and family over for a small get-together, these Christmas Party Food ideas are all super easy to make, festive, and delicious!

What do you think of these Christmas Party Food Ideas?  Will you be trying any of these recipes?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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