There are many benefits of raising kids with high self-esteem, however, building lasting self-esteem in kids can be both challenging and intimidating; follow these simple tips to take the stress out of it.

As a mom, you know how necessary it is to raise a confident child. You may be doing thousands of things like cleaning, cooking, feeding, dressing, and whatnot for your kid; but if you fail to understand what your kid needs the most for robust self-esteem; you’re missing the link somewhere.

Being an adult, even if we feel lost and doubt our worth all the time; we surely don’t want our kids to feel the same. Thus it’s so needed to make them understand how worthy they’re and raise a confident kid.

It can be both joyful and intimidating at first, but trust me; your kids so need this.

Here’re some of the benefits of raising a confident child:

  • Kids with higher self-esteem know their value and they don’t settle for anything less.
  • They are not people pleasers because they know their worth.
  • Children with healthy self-esteem are not afraid of putting themselves out there and face life’s challenges with a brave heart.
  • The confident kids never play victim games, instead, they are the first ones to stand up for themselves even when no one does.
  • These kids are so resilient and self-reliant.
  • Kids with higher self-esteem know that they don’t have to compete with anyone in order to be better. They trust in their abilities and believe in collaboration over competition.

There’re many more benefits of raising kids with high self-esteem than listed above. Let’s be real, life is tough at times and totally uncertain; in order to cope with all the ups and downs, it’s necessary to equip our kids with proper life training.

We cannot be always there for our kids protecting them from all uncertain events. Instead, we can give them the learning from the earlier stage itself to deal with such a situation on their own.

It’s such a hard feeling to process when you feel unloved and unaccepted. Kids with high self-esteem will be there for themselves during such hard times.

Ways to Raise a confident child

Guide your kid to find an activity they’re passionate about

Having some purpose in life totally changes the way of our living. It’s so helpful if our work is in alignment with our passion and if this is figured out during the early stages of life, living becomes fun.

Help your kid to try out new activities and observe closely what they’re passionate about. Find out the natural talents of your kids and encourage them to work on them.

Some are good at singing while others have a beautiful way with words; dive deep into what’s making them different and help them to master their skill. When your kid will start mastering these skills, their self-esteem will soar.

Make them feel loved

When your kids feel loved and accepted, their confidence automatically skyrockets. They feel safe and secure in your presence and in the environment they live in.

This makes them feel comfortable opening up and discussing everything they have in their head or anything that’s troubling them. Make sure your kids don’t have to earn your love in exchange for anything.

Teach them the power of compassion

Let them know and learn how invaluable it is to be kind in this world. Most importantly, teach them to be kind to themselves. Life is indeed going to be hard but they can totally handle anything with a heart full of compassion.

Make them learn and understand the power of forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to make mistakes; however, it’s totally not okay to associate your entire identity with that mistake. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to teach our kids the power of self-forgiveness.

Teach them to set attainable goals

Your kids may have huge dreams to achieve but when it comes to putting the plan into action; goal planning becomes crucial. As adults, we fail to be realistic and set attainable goals and get discouraged when we can’t meet our expectations.

Teach your kids to create an actionable and measurable goal plan. It’s fun having huge, big goals that scare you but it’s more satisfying to have realistic goals. Help your kids in building a system that guides them to plan their goals and crush them in the dedicated timeframe.

Do not micromanage them

We have this bad habit of protecting our kids and I can totally understand this feeling. However, in order for a bird to fly, it needs to be set free from the cage.

Let your kids make mistakes, let them fall, stumble, and let them go astray for a while because you will be surprised watching how they will redirect themselves back to the right path without your guidance.

It’s much needed to make them self-sufficient and let them do things on their own. You will never be able to raise a confident kid if you fail to let them wander and get lost on their way. They will find their own path, I promise.

Allow them to be responsible

Let them contribute to household chores and allow them to offer you help. This will make your kid a super kind human and they will be never hesitant in asking for help in later stages.

Assign them some tasks and let them plan in their own way. Give them free space and ask them to paint or decorate it in the way they wish. This will make them feel responsible and will have this feeling of belonging.

Do not feel guilty about making your kids do the work, this is going to be super helpful once they leave your nest. It will boost their confidence and they will be always prepared for any challenge that life throws at them.

Be a good role model

Above all, kids learn by example. Be the example you wish your kids to grow into. If you want your kids to practice self-care; show them how you take care of yourself in your daily life. If you wish them to be courageous, go out and do something brave that you would have never thought of doing.

Kids are our mirrors and they learn everything they see. Thus, be mindful of how you’re putting yourself in front of them.

The bottom line

Raising kids with high self-esteem is indeed challenging and intimidating; however, this process will be super fun if you just take the stress out of it and follow these simple tips.

I hope that this piece helped you in figuring out some useful ways to raise a confident kid. Do let me know your views about the same in the comments.

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