Imagine this – It’s Sunday, and you have nothing more to do all day long, so you sit with a cup of coffee, in a clean and fresh smelling home. Well, that sounds heavenly to me.

The good news is, you don’t have to do anything much to achieve this kind of solace, except making your room smell good; which is the difficult part because there are a variety of factors that give an unpleasant odor to your home – for starters, your schedule, the weather, and objects in the house. 

Although you can conquer all of that with the help of room fresheners and diffusers, you cannot plug them all the time. It’s not feasible at all. 

But, what if I tell you that you can still make your house smell amazing naturally – all the time. You just have to develop a few habits and embrace some hacks, and you can create your own heaven. 

Natural ways to make your house smell good

1. Open the windows 

You may think that keeping your windows all day long is not a good idea – given you wouldn’t want to provide a freeway to dust and insects. But think again?

Nature is the best deodorizer, and you need that freshness in your house. If you are worried about insects, don’t open your windows at a time when they are in abundance. Consider opening it in the daytime when the sun isn’t at its harshest, and the air is fresh, cold, and pleasant. 

2. Throw your garbage regularly 

Not only it generates smell, but it is unhygienic if you gather trash in your dustbins for long. Make it a rule to throw garbage every day. 

3. Clean your refrigerator 

Our refrigerators are no less than storage rooms. We fill it in with food and leftovers only to let them stay there for days. 

That being said, if you want an odor-free home, you have to clean your refrigerators regularly. This includes getting rid of the fruits and veggies you wanted to eat to maintain your healthy diet, but they are sitting there after a week.

Be firm, ask yourself, are you really going to eat the food you’re keeping in your refrigerators? If not, it’s better to give them to someone who will instead of letting them all go stale and give rise to an unhygienic environment. 

PS. If the odors are hard to eliminate, use baking soda to clean your fridge.

4. Don’t forget the shoes 

If you are a regular exerciser or happen to wear shoes a lot, you are more likely to cause odor. To offer a solution, we could have said you need to wash your shoes regularly. But that’s not possible if you have a favorite pair you cannot just let go even for a day. Also, footwear once washed; takes hours and hours to dry. 

So here’s a make-shift – every time you come back home, just leave your shoes in the yard or balcony for them to just soak the sun. 

Sunlight is quite effective when it comes to getting rid of the odor. In case you are hard on using instant smell-removing chemicals, then shoe fresheners might be your best bet. 

5. Use your exhaust and chimneys 

When it comes to getting rid of the bathroom and kitchen smell, you can rely upon exhaust fans and chimneys. Just make sure you don’t forget their existence. They are there for a reason, – to remove unpleasant smells. 

6. Open closets you have forgotten about

When it comes to making homes smell-free, why forget the cabinets you haven’t opened in a while? Unopened cabinets can be guest to odors, they need fresh air too which is why you make sure you keep them open for a few minutes twice a week. 

Open your windows while you are at it. You wouldn’t want the smell to transfer to the rest of the house. 

7. Use air-fresheners

This one is for the lazy ladies. You don’t have to do anything but just let the sachets or plug-ins sit there like an invisible guest. Place them in the most stinky parts of the house and let them take care of the rest. 

8. Keep plants in your halls 

Scroll Pinterest, and you’d find almost every house with a plant as a piece of décor. But they are so much more than that. They don’t only give an aesthetic look to your home but are also quite effective at getting rid of smells

Geraniums and jasmines are two of the many plants you can keep to neutralize odors.

PS, don’t forget to water your plants and provide them enough sunlight. Keeping them indoors can diminish their exposure to them, which is why you have to take good care of them.

9. Clean your drains

I know cleaning drains can be quite hassling and also disgusting. Nonetheless, the chore is necessary to be undertaken. Drains can be pivotal contributors to odors, which is why you cannot skip cleaning them. 

You can choose the hard way, or go for the easy way, like me, which is using baking soda to clean the drain. They are just as effective as the chemical cleaners available in the stores. 

10. Don’t forget your carpet and rugs while you are at it. 

Rugs and carpets can be a home to a million food chunks, spilled drinks, and dirt. All of which can cause an odor if not regularly cleaned.

Since you cannot wash carpets, what you can do is sprinkle baking soda on them before you use your vacuum cleaner. 

11.   Use candles as décor

Candles are not just for lighting, they make for a stunning piece of decor. On top of that, they can make your house smell refreshing even when they are not burning! The catch is they have to be scented candles which are quite the rage these days. So, make sure you get some for your home. 

In addition to that, if you are not so into candles, try potpourri bowls. You just have to add fresheners once they stop giving out fragrance. 

12. Create your pet deodorizer. 

There are a million things we love about our pets. However, one point that we might not like is the odor. But it’s not much of a big deal when you have pet deodorizers to save your day. 

You don’t need to buy one because you can create your own using baking soda, distilled water, and a few drops of pet-friendly essential oils. Just spray it over your pet and on their sleeping beds, and say goodbye to pet smell. 

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