Potty training is a big deal for kids and parents alike. And that means we both need a little bit of help to get through the process.

Books are a great way for kids and parents to get the information they need to make potty training as seamless as possible.

14 Fun Books to Help with Potty Training

If you’re in need of a little bit of potty training help, these 14 fun books will help you and your toddler make it through potty training in one piece.

P is for Potty

When you’re looking for potty training character books, there’s no better character to teach your toddler about the potty than Elmo. On top of being a recognizable figure, Elmo is known for his potty training expertise. That makes P is for Potty the perfect potty training book to introduce the concept to your little one.

Potty Time

If your little one is more of a Daniel Tiger fan, Potty Time is another great option. On top of being a great book for teaching your toddler about the process of using the potty, it also has fun buttons with music and sound effects to emphasize the story. And with a cute handle on top, your toddler can carry this fun potty book around with them wherever they go.

Potty Superhero

Encourage your toddler to start potty training with this cute superhero-themed book. With adorable illustrations and a fun story, Potty Superhero makes a great introduction to potty training for little ones.

Diapers are Not Forever

Looking for a bilingual option for learning about potty training? Diapers are Not Forever is a great choice. With both English and Spanish text, this cute book is wonderful for teaching bilingual children the basics of potty training.

Potty Patrol

Help your toddler say goodbye to diapers with the Paw Patrol. Potty Patrol is a sturdy board book that will guide your toddler through the process of using the potty with the help of some of his favorite cartoon characters from the Paw Patrol.

Potty Princess

If you’re looking for a complete potty training package, you’ll love this Potty Princess Training Set. In addition to a cute princess-themed potty training book, this package also includes a reward chart and pink potty crown.

Dinosaur Potty Training Chart

Do you have a dinosaur lover at home? This Dinosaur Potty Training Chart is a great choice for potty training your toddler. With an interactive potty training sticker chart, dinosaur crown, stickers, and cute book, this training set has everything your little one needs to get potty trained.

Elmo Potty Training Book Set

Get everything you need to start potty training your toddler in this big set, which includes five Elmo books, a reward chart, and reward stickers. The Elmo Potty Training Book Set features everything your Sesame Street fan will need to start potty training today.

The Potty Train

Take your toddler on a journey to the Underpants Station with this fun potty training book. The Potty Train is a fun way to teach your little one about potty training using trains as a reference.

I’m the Potty Master

Give your toddler the confidence to ditch their diapers with the help of Louie the Elephant. In I’m the Potty Master, Louie decides he’s tired of wearing diapers and wants to learn how to be more adventurous by using the potty.

Everybody Potties

Make learning how to use the potty something for your toddler to celebrate with Everybody Potties. The fun story in this adorable book will make potty training look like so much fun, your toddler will want to start right away!

Potty Training Books for Parents

Sometimes, us parents need a little help when our kids are learning to potty train. These informative books are great for getting parents through the common issues toddlers have when potty training:

Potty Training in 3 Days

How does it sound to have your toddler potty trained in just three days? This book is filled with great advice to help your toddler learn how to use the potty in just a few days. Potty Training in 3 Days includes a proven plan for potty training, helpful insight into your toddler’s thought process while potty training, and ways to keep calm as your teaching your child how to use the bathroom.

Potty Training for Busy Parents

If you have a busy schedule with no time to focus on potty training, you’ll love Potty Training for Busy Parents. This practical plan for potty training helps parents coordinate potty training with caregivers and includes a helpful troubleshooting section for problem areas like nighttime training.

Oh Crap! Potty Training

This modern potty training book is great for teaching your toddler or preschooler how to potty quickly. Featuring a six-step process, Oh Crap! Potty Training is a simple potty training method that works.

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