Boys play with toys too! Even boys who love electronics and games!

They will love toys too if you’re giving them the right ones! Don’t let them fall for the ads and commercials telling them they need toys based on their favorite characters, there are tried and true toys out there that boys have been enjoying generation after generation!

Some classics never die!

Take a look at the top ten toys EVERY boy needs below!

I consulted boys of all ages in creating this list and they all agree, these are the toys every boy needs!


10 Tried and True, Must Have Toys Every Boy Needs


Walkie Talkie

USA Toyz Walkie Talkies for Kids -

Are you looking for a toy that will make the imagination of your Boy go wild?

Just give him a set of Walkie Talkies and watch him go. He can play everything from soldiers to spies. It will for sure keep him busy for hours!

You can even have one for yourself so you can keep up with him. If he has friends that live within a 3-mile radius they can share and communicate from home! Walkie Talkie today even come with voice activation talking so you don’t have to push to talk.

Check the current price here!


Remote Control Car

Fisca RC Car Remote Control Stunt Car, 4WD Monster Truck Double Sided Rotating Tumbling - 2.4GHz High Speed Rock Crawler Vehicle with Headlights

Every little boy remembers his first remote control car. They usually keep them forever. I know grown men who still own their first one! It’s a right of passage that every boy has to experience!

Check the current price here!


Big Wheel Bike

Radio Flyer 474 Deluxe Big Flyer, Red

Big Wheels are the bike of choice for boys when they are younger. Why? Because you are almost sitting on the ground, flying around feeling like you are going a hundred miles an hour!

Moms love them because they are a much safer alternative for the little guys who THINK they are ready for a two-wheeler but aren’t quite there yet.

Grab it here!


Race Track

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set [Amazon Exclusive]

All boys dream about having the coolest, fastest, car like the ones they see on T.V. or driving down city streets. Let them live out their greatest auto fantasy through race tracks. They’re several kinds to choose from.

My favorite is the Hot Wheels tracks that use gravity and buttons to push any of their little cars around!

Grab one here!


Tool Set

Durable Kids Tool Set with Electronic Cordless Drill and 18 Pretend Play Construction Accessories, with a Sturdy Case

One thing little boys are fascinated with is being like their fathers and seeing men working. They watch dad build things with his tools and want to be just like him.

Nothing is as cute as a little boy taking his tool-set out to help build a project with his father.

Check the current price here!


Super Hero Cape/Dress Up Costume

Little Pretends Reversible Superhero Costume Cape for Boys & Toddlers - Washable

If you have boys, you know that they think that they are the strongest, fastest, toughest kid around. They are always climbing and jumping off of everything.

They pretend to be their favorite superhero as they do all of this.

Give them the tools that every super kid needs: A Hero Cape! Once your boy straps this on, he will be flying around the house fighting crime in no time!

Grab one for your little superhero here!


Nerf Guns

Nerf Official N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster (Amazon Exclusive)

Boys are very competitive. They challenge everything. When you give your boy a Nerf Gun he is looking for the first thing to shoot.

Once he gets all of his buddies together you have a full combat zone in your yard/house or wherever they take cover. Warning: one gun is never enough.

Check the current price here!


Building Toys/Blocks

98 PCS Magnetic Blocks with Wheels,Magnetic Building Set,Magnetic Tiles for Kids Toddlers

Building blocks are such an amazing toy. Kids will not only play with them for hours, but also for years! A great set of blocks will not only survive your boys, but also generations!

Check the current price here!


Slime/Noise Putty

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Slime & Putty Lab - 4 Types of Amazing Slime + 4 Types of Stretchable Putty including Magnetic Putty, Fluffy Slime and Glow-in-the-Dark Putty

When it comes to boys’ interests, gross substances and sounds are high up there on their list! Slime is a must! They will have it falling out of their nose and being completely silly with it. Any excuse you have to be silly with your kid — take it!

Grab some here!



KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Black and White Checker

When your boy starts to get into his teenage years the gifts start to change. If you are looking for a great alternative to electronics, get a skateboard and safety gear.

Boys of all interests love skateboards because they can carry them along anywhere and they are “cooler” than riding a bike around during those tween years before they can drive.

Check the current price here!


Hope these tried and true toys that every boy needs, helped you find something for the boy that you’re shopping for!

Let me know which one is your favorite!

toys every boy needs

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