I have to say my favorite room in our whole house would be our office space. We just completed it and I am in love.

There is nothing I like to do more than sit in here and write up a few blog posts while sipping on my coffee. The space just relaxes me and inspires me and I am just so happy with how everything turned out with it.

I thought I would share how to style an office space with you guys in case you are looking to create an office space of your own too! 

I originally shared all about my office space in one of my very first posts ever, Creating a Vintage Farmhouse Office Space. But, I have changed a lot of things since that last post so I figured now would be the perfect time for an update!

Gallery Wall in Office
I had my blog name custom made for this wall by Vintage Metal Co. They make the best metal artwork and signs!

Choosing Your Style

I think the most important thing for you to figure out before you start styling your office space is, what kind of style do you want to go for? Do you want farmhouse, vintage, modern, boho, etc.?

There are so many styles and there really isn’t any right or wrong answers. Find what speaks to you and go from there. As long as you love it, that is all that matters!

Once you have nailed down your style, it will be easier to pick out furniture and decor for the office space.

Choosing Your Office Desk

Obviously, the first thing you need to style an office space is a desk. I chose to get a vintage, chippy desk because that is my style and that is what I love. But again, choose whatever is closest to your style.

I got mine from Vintage Pickin, which is a large event full of vintage and antique goodies. If you’re looking for more of a modern style, then there are plenty of options out there as well.

Choosing a desk
Here is a view of how large my desk is. Plenty of room for my laptop, decor, books, and of course coffee too!

Go to a big box store or look online. Many companies, such as Wayfair, have great options and will ship directly to you which is awesome!

You just want to make sure your desk is big enough and that you have plenty of space for the work you need to do. Since I love home decor as well, I got a pretty large desk because I wanted to have enough space on there to display all of my vintage pieces too.

Office Desk
If you need some more style inspiration, I recommend this book, She Made Herself a Home, as well as Cozy White Cottage for some great ideas and tips on office decor!

I like having my typewriter in the corner of my desk as well as vintage books. I also have my laptop front and center for when I am working and I, of course, have candles burning as well. I like to keep it a mix of decor and functionality and having a large desk allows me to do so.

Desk Placement

Another important thing to consider once you have chosen your desk, is where are you going to place it? If you have a whole room to use as an office, then that’s great!

You have plenty of options as to where to place it. But, if you only have a small corner in a guest room, then you’re options are more limited and you want to be mindful of that when choosing a desk.

Desk Placement
If you like my rug, you can find it here! I absolutely love this rug and it is all-natural and earth-friendly too!

Luckily, we had a whole spare bedroom so I started with an empty canvas which made styling the office easier to me.

I decided since I had so much room, I wanted to place the desk in the middle, instead of against a wall. My reasoning for this was I wanted to be able to look out the windows and see the birds chirping, rather than stare at a wall when I was working.

I find that I am much more productive when I have a nice view. I don’t feel so cooped up that way. Again, that was totally my own choice though.

If you like having a desk against the wall because that is more traditional, then go for it! You can always add some fun detail to the wall space you are looking at too!

Filing Cabinets and Lockers

Since I was going for that vintage vibe, I also decided to add in some old lockers and filing cabinets. I am all about the chippy and rusty pieces, so I found these pieces at antique stores.

I love having the filing cabinet to file away our important bills and papers. It definitely has helped us organize our documents much better than we were doing in the past.

Filing Cabinet
Here is a full view of my vintage filing cabinet!

I also love having my little locker in the corner too because I am able to use it for so much storage. If you know me, then you know I have an addiction to Rae Dunn coffee mugs and I started running out of room in the kitchen for them. So when I got this locker, I started storing some extras in there! I know, I know, it’s not really “office related” but it definitely helps my kitchen storage situation!

Vintage Locker
Here is a full view of my lockers in the corner.

Reading Nook

I also decided to include a reading nook area in my office too since I had plenty of room. I got a super comfy old leather chair and positioned it caddy cornered. I also draped a comfy blanket and pillow on it so it is ready to go whenever I get in the mood to sit down and read for bit.

Reading Nook in Office
Here is a view of my reading nook in the office.

The open shelves above the chair too provide some extra space to style my antique pieces and I love changing them up season to season. I also added in a little more of a modern floor lamp behind the chair and I love how it all came together. I think it is just the perfect little reading nook for an office space!

Office shelves
Closeup view of my office shelves.

Gallery Wall

The last thing I want to talk about in how to style an office space, is the possibility of adding in a gallery wall. Since I did not place my desk against the wall, I had a huge wall space to fill up. I decided on doing a gallery wall here to help fill up the space. I would say I am not 100% done with it yet, but I am happy with the way it has turned out so far!

Close Up of Gallery Wall
Here is a close up of my gallery wall in my office.

If you have a large wall space in your office too, then consider doing a gallery wall too. Or maybe a feature wall. Do some fun wallpaper or some shiplap. Really anything goes!

I may end up adding a little more to my gallery wall too, but since we haven’t really been able to go out and shop here lately, that is the best I can do under these circumstances!

Well, I hope you found this post post helpful on how to style an office space. Do you all have a large office space too, or a smaller one? What are some of the ways you have styled your office and what kind of style do you prefer? Let me know below and thanks so much for taking the time to read!

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4 years ago

First of all, I’m loving the decor of your space. Currently, I don’t have an office space of my own but I’m looking to creating one and these tips are definitely A class. A new desk though is very high on my list so I’ll definitely keep design and style in mind when choosing.

Maeve M
Maeve M
4 years ago

It’s a beautiful space! You’ve done wonders with it! I don’t have anything too large yet, just a small nook corner but once we have our new home I can’t wait to build a space! A filing cabinet is definitely in order, bigger desk, too!

Xx Maeve

4 years ago

Oh girl I totally agree that having a big desk is essential! Nothing worse than cramping all your stuff together trying to fit everything on x

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing! definitely going to try this during quarantine ?

Rebekka kaur
Rebekka kaur
4 years ago

I love these tips! Especially the feature wall one and for me personally it’s a must for my office space to have windows so sunlight can come in and make it more like more light and beautiful!

4 years ago

Loving the light and neutral colour theme going on! I feel like it distracts me less and calms me instead of my environment stressing me out. Also I completely agree, I much prefer sitting and working with a view instead of staring at a wall!

Fy https://cultureeighteen.wordpress.com/

Jasmine Mastrolia
Jasmine Mastrolia
4 years ago

Beautiful! I haven’t set up an office yet because I’m waiting till I buy a place next year, but I can’t wait until I do it! I’m making sure to get an extra room for an office, because i want to go to town with it!