22 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Get ready for your Christmas party with these DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters! Whether you prefer cute or truly hideous, there’s something for every taste and style on this list.

It’s the time of year for Christmas music, festive cheer, and food galore, spending time with all your friends and family. It also means it is time to break out the ugly Christmas sweaters!

Getting decked out in the tackiest, most ridiculous Christmas jumper has become one of the highlights of the festive season. And if you are a fan of this fun fashion phenomenon, then you will be as thrilled as I am to see this list of the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can make.

So, whether you are looking for ideas for adults, kids, or even the dog, we have you covered.

22 Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Whether you need a funny idea to wear to work or something awesome to wear to that party you’ve been invited to, we have the best, ugliest, tackiest, most holly jolly Christmas sweater ideas the internet has ever seen.

A Not So Ugly Sweater
1 Ugly Sweater Party Kim Byers 0095sm
Why wear an Ugly Sweater when you can create a Not So Ugly Sweater with this DIY tee shirt Cricut design
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Easy DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ugly christmas sweater party
Create your own ugly Christmas sweater with this fun, easy throwback to grade school fashion!
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Christmas Tree Tie Sweater
The UGLY HOLIDAY SWEATER party season is upon us, so dress up your holiday sweater!
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Tree And Goodies Ugly Christmas Sweater
Come learn how to make your DIY Ugly Sweater for that Christmas party without ruining your sweater and spending tons of money! Step by step instructions!
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest
So cute, and it looks comfy too.
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Tacky Christmas Sweater
If you’re heading to a tacky Christmas sweater party, I think this DIY will help prepare you pretty well!
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DIY Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater
An easy-to-follow DIY Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater tutorial just in time for the holidays.
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DIY Ugly Sweater Dress
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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater For Kids
IMG_1471 1
Are your kids excited for the holiday season!
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DIY Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater
diy cat christmas sweater
Use a Cricut to make a DIY cat cgly Christmas sweater with iron-on vinyl and a removeable Santa hat as an extra accessory.
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Glitzy Reindeer Ugly Sweater
Make your own Glitzy Reindeer Sweater! So stylish for Holiday parties!
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Advent Calendar Christmas Sweater
Advent Calendar Christmas Sweater 00010
The ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ party thing is pretty much a holiday staple, but with a fun twist.
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Baby’s First Ugly Christmas Sweater
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Tacky Gingerbread Man
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Maternity Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater
Maternity Pretty Ugly Christmas Sweater 3
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DIY Gingerbread & Tree
Create this DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater with a $1 craft kit. You will be ready for a holiday party in minutes with this easy tutorial.
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Mounted Deer Head
make this ugly christmas sweater 005
Make this DIY ugly Christmas sweater fast and be the hit of the party! If you love ugly sweater parties, this is a great homemade design!
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Candy Cane sweater
These are some fabulous ideas for ugly Christmas sweaters that you can make yourself!
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Snow Globe DIY Ugly Sweater
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How to Make a DIY Ugly Sweater with Rudolph
make your own rudolph ugly christmas sweater
The DIY ugly sweater trend is hot. Use these step-by-step instructions to make your DIY ugly Christmas sweater with a fun Rudoph theme.
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Adorable Reindeer Face Sweater
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Cute Kids’ DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater
uglysweater3 1
Make this simple DIY ugly sweater using supplies from your stash!
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Well, I sure hope you enjoyed this list of 22 ugly Christmas sweaters!

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