The ultimate way to self-care and color with Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring

by Vickie Louise

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Go F*ck Yourself, I'm Coloring: Swear Word Coloring BookWe know you’re superhuman, can handle a lot and have learned to multitask until you’re exhausted, and your mind is ready to explode.

You’re still functioning but probably not to your finest capacity.

The mind experts say we all need to practice a little self-care and slow down the brain by entering a meditative state.

That way, you become better focused, negativity goes away, anxiety lessens, and self-esteem receives a great boost.

One amazing method involves the simple, fun and creative art of adult coloring. You don’t have to be a Picasso to join in the coloring craze. Just choose a shade, and go.

Using this Swear Word Coloring Book

The ultimate best way to self-care and color is with the Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book

Need we say more?

This paperback coloring book is a blast that features 26 pages of incredible designs that really say something that adults can understand.

When the beautiful 8.5 x 11-inch single-sided pages are filled in with your personal favorite color choices, the statements become that much stronger, funnier and quite artistic.

Famous people like international pop star Justin Bieber and the U.K.’s chef Nigella Lawson both enjoy relaxing and using adult coloring books and showing off their masterpieces to social media.

The Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book is ideal for those days of unwinding and letting the mind stay still, softening stress and anxiety and focusing on the positive aspects.

The pages are quality made, and designs are printed on one side only to prevent bleed through by gel pens or paints.

Frankly, it’s a naughty and sexy AF coloring book for adults.

Coloring for Self-Care

Being good to yourself matters in life; we could all use a break considering the ample amounts of stress we endure day to day. Just a few minutes of creative coloring can do a mind and body good.

It’s all about a little self-care, something we could benefit by at any age and time that pressure and stress begin to mount.

Just allowing the brain to stop freaking out and relax is essential to a healthy mind and spirit.

The Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book is a fabulous way to laugh at the world, make a statement and share it, or keep it to yourself. Go ahead, we dare you to try it.

Go F*ck Yourself, I'm Coloring: Swear Word Coloring Book

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