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How to Cut the Cable Cord and Still Watch Your Favorite Shows

With the rising cost of cable and satellite TV, many people are consider getting rid of the service altogether. But if you’re...

10 Money Saving Tips To Save You Money Right Now

Whatever your reason for saving more money is, these tips will help you jumpstart your savings so you can have more money in your pocket now.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Savings this Year

Do you want to increase your savings this year? Take a look at these 6 super simple ways to help you start saving money today and reach your financial goals.

5 Easy & Effective Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

You don’t have to live an extremely frugal lifestyle to save money on your household utility bills. There are plenty of little things you can do to save money on your utility bills.

10 Ways to Save Money On Groceries without Using Coupons!

Want to save on your grocery bill? Would you rather not have to treat your frugality as a full-time job! There ARE ways to shop smart without spending your life hunting down coupons!

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