5 Meal Prep Essentials You Need That’ll Make Meal Prepping a Breeze

by Vickie Louise

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The art of meal prep has never been easier with the wide array of gadgets and ideas to make your life easier and ensure that every meal is served as nutritious and delicious as possible.

Proper meal preparation helps you avoid fast food, sugary snacks, and last minute frustrations – and also helps you meet your fitness and health goals.

Here are five essential items that will help you on your way to becoming a master food prepper.

Create a comprehensive grocery list. One item you should never overlook is the essential grocery list. It only takes a few minutes each week to put together ingredients for your pre-planned meals – and the time it saves will make it well worth your while.

Check out some apps online that are designed to help you eliminate costly and unplanned purchases, reduce waste and add healthier foods to your diet plan. Not only will you save time with your grocery list, but you’ll also save money.

Measuring devices are important. Portion-specific containers, measuring cups and spoons and a food scale are all helpful when preparing your meals. There are so many helpful choices available that you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing a variety that fit your needs.

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Invest in a good cutting board. Every good chef has his or her favorite type of cutting board. It’s a good idea to have two boards to keep one for meat preparation and one for such foods as vegetables and fruit.

Choose from inexpensive, plastic or wooden ones to meet your chopping and slicing needs. Eventually, you’ll likely want to try other types and sizes, but in the beginning, just have the basic two on hand.

Oils, herbs, and spices will enhance any of your pre-planned meals by adding flavor to your meats and vegetables. Spices such as oregano, cilantro, garlic, sage, and rosemary bring flavors to life in your recipes, while olive oil or other types of flavored oils keep you healthy.

Get a good crockpot. One of the best essentials you can add to your repertoire of meal prep essentials is a slow cooker. It will save you tons of time and effort during busy days and provide your family with nutritious meals.

Make sure you also have on hand some sharp knives, wooden spoons and other helpful gadgets you’ll use to speed up and simplify your prep time. A variety of containers are also helpful to keep you organized and on track for portion size and nutritional value.

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If you’ll be preparing on-the-go meals for you and your family, a portable bag is also essential you’ll need to consider. Some are insulated and have compartments for beverages.

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five essential items that will help you on your way to becoming a master food prepper.

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