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Making Achievable Goals For 2020

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The new year has approached us quicker than I ever thought it would! Everyone’s first thought when it comes to a new year… new me! I know, super cliche of me to say but that’s always the hope!

Annual unfulfilled goals

If I’ve learned anything from a year of being a new mom, it’s to take every day one step at a time. It’s so easy and natural to come up with goals for ourselves. “I’m going to eat better” “I’m going to lose this baby weight” “I’m going to start hitting the gym 7 days of the week!”

We tend to make the most ridiculous routine of trying to remind ourselves of these goals we have created.

Post-it notes on the mirror, writing it in our planners, creating catchy jingles for every day of the week. While all of that self-encouragement is helpful, it’s not so great when the year has finally come to an end and we haven’t reached a single one of our goals.

Don’t lie to yourself, you know there’s always a goal that you just don’t take the time to get around to all year. The goals ultimately turned into lies! LIES!

I remember January of 2019 I promised myself to start doing a 30-day yoga challenge. I got myself and my partner matching yoga mats, got some cute yoga pants, downloaded some soothing music to my playlists and I was ready to get my zen on! The best part of that goal was basically the idea of doing it which was a lot easier said. If I’m being real I found myself on day 18 of the challenge in the month of May.

Needless to say, come 2020 the 30-day challenge was never finished.

What’s stopping me from meeting my goals?

The first year as a mom for me has been something new every day to the point where creating a routine for myself had been pointless.

My main goal of every day had become taking a decent nap and getting some sort of nutrition in my belly just to keep me going. There’s no feeling of defeat like not being able to stick to your own word and having to explain to others ‘that nap was more important’.

But seriously, as a mama you must cherish every moment of sleep.

Although the thought of not being able to do something for myself that I wanted to achieve really SUCKED. The worst self-criticism kicks in and I think to myself ‘If I can’t do what I promise to myself, what kind of example am I setting as a mother?

Setting goals and not achieving them wasn’t the problem though. The issue was the goals themselves and how beyond a reach they were for myself. 

For a person who does Yoga daily, 30 days of it may seem like a breeze. For me, I hate any type of exercise and putting any physical activity into my day was more a burden than a delight. It felt as if I was forcing myself to like something and that made me hate it even more.

I found myself thinking in preparation for 2020, how am I supposed to set goals that are reachable? By coming up with goals you KNOW you can achieve. 

Start small when creating goals

So instead of promising myself to do 30 days of yoga, I challenged myself to do a deep breathing session every day. You can still have the same goal concept but before getting to that reach that seems beyond limits sometimes it takes achieving some beginning steps.

Instead of pushing yourself to do the 30-day yoga challenge, start off with a goal that involves making yourself feel as good as if you did a session of yoga every day. Make a goal to go outside and get some fresh air or to listen to self-motivation podcasts for a month straight.

Do you know what’s great about this process? I did NO exercise and I felt better about myself because I’m achieving a goal I told myself I would accomplish knowing it was something I COULD do.

I didn’t feel like I was setting myself up for failure plus I had no issue with convincing myself that I could do it.

What YOU can consider when making your next goal

 Setting goals for ourselves is a part of growing, the whole point is to achieve them and feel like you’ve made a change! When creating ambitions, it’s best to make sure you’re setting yourself up for ones that you won’t let yourself down in the process.

Create tasks you look forward to doing every day and that way it won’t feel like as much of a chore and more like a success.

Make goals that fit in with your everyday lifestyle. Also, take time to realize not everything is going to work out the way we envisioned BUT don’t beat yourself up for it!

Take everything day by day.

Just attempting a small step to reaching that big jump will make yourself feel invincible. Starting from the bottom and working your way up to that faraway step feels like less of a challenge when you’ve completed all the middle steps.

Just remember not everybody wakes up and is a master goal achiever, sometimes you’ve gotta learn how to swim before diving off the deep end.

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