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First Quarter Journaling Tips and Ideas (A Year of Journaling: Week 2)

Welcome to the second post in our “Year of Journaling” Series. Every Monday you will find a new post that relates to...

Start Your Journal with a Positive Headspace (A Year of Journaling: Week 1)

Welcome to the first post in our "Year of Journaling" Series. Every Monday you will find a new post that relates to...

Prioritizing Self Care When You Are Too Busy To Breathe

Modern life is an insanely busy undertaking. There are meetings to attend, places to be, and obligations to fulfill. It takes a serious toll on our health. We spend less time with our families and more time working or performing unpleasant tasks. This becomes very draining! Life is about so much more than the constant need to do. That’s where self-care comes in.

The Benefits of Mindfulness & Can Being Mindful Really Help?

Everyone you know is stressed out, and you are no exception. So can mindfulness really help you? Read more about the benefits of mindfulness and how to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Plus find out why is it good to be mindful

Self Care 101: Why Self-Care is Important & 8 Easy and Free Self-Care Ideas

Stressed? Tempted to just keep going? Don't. Take some time out to practice self-care. We know that practicing self-care can be far from easy, but it's so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day