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Your Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui

Combining the functionality of our living environment with the principals of the natural world is the root of feng shui. The words...

Feng Shui & Spring Cleaning For Harmony At Home

In Feng Shui, your environment is considered a mirror of your inner self. So if your environment is cluttered and disordered it reveals a lack of harmony within you. What better way to improve harmony and spiritual balance than with Feng Shui spring cleaning?

How To Use Feng Shui To Create A Healthy, Safe and Restful Bedroom For Your Child

Feng Shui is the understanding and use of energy flow ("chi") to bring the most benefit to one's home, life and family. People feel good and have more opportunities to thrive when they are in a pleasant, happy and supportive atmosphere. This applies to the youngest family members even more so due to their instinctive responses to the people, sounds, and colors around them.

How To Improve Sleep and Relationships using Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

Enhance rest and relaxation and put the romance back in the bedroom by choosing the right Feng Shui paint colors that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.