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Growing Your Own: 3 Things To Do Before Planting Your First Seed

Are you starting on a new journey? It may not be your first time planting a seed, but I bet it’s still an exciting activity to do. The thought of your efforts manifesting into something both tangible and beautiful is appealing.

Hardy Vegetables To Plant For ‘Black Thumbs.’

These hearty vegetables can withstand even the blackest thumb, you can even forget them for a day or three and they’ll still thrive.

11 Ways Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Gardening is therapeutic and relatively inexpensive to start and maintain so why not start one today.

Gardening Basics For Beginners

Planting and harvesting a garden is a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be hard and the reward is so worth the knowledge, time, and energy you put into it. These easy tips outline the process to having a full and beautiful garden for beginners.

10 Great Reasons to Start a Family Vegetable Garden This Year

It’s often difficult to find quality ways to spend time together as a family. If you’re searching for an ongoing activity to keep...

The Complete Guide To Growing Strawberries in Containers

Strawberries are sweet and juicy when they are picked right from the plant. Everybody loves this fruit. And, as a bonus, they are one of the easiest fruits to grow. So how difficult is it really to grow strawberries in containers?

Save BIG Money by Growing Your Own Vegetables and Fruits

Starting and maintaining a home vegetable garden is actually quite simple and inexpensive, particularly in the long term. By growing food at home, less money is spent on buying produce at the supermarket. In fact, once a home garden matures, it's possible to entirely eliminate the need to buy vegetables at the supermarket, which means serious savings on food bills.

Gardening for Stress Relief

Digging in the earth, enjoying the warm sunshine and watching living things grow are huge stress-relieving rewards for your gardening efforts.

Awesome Plants to Start Growing Even If You’ve Never Grown Anything Before

Some people love to grow plants and others shy away from even trying. But even if you've never grown anything before, this collection of...