5 Surprising Foods That’ll Promote A Healthy Smile

by Vickie Louise

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Healthy foods that help promote and protect your teeth and gums for a healthy smile.

The best way to prevent cavities is with healthy foods.

Cavities, those tiny, and sometimes not so tiny, holes that penetrate your tooth’s enamel are unwanted, unpleasant, and often painful. Tooth decay is actually a disease.

The fact is, a lot of cavities simply do not have to happen and can easily be prevented.

It helps to understand what causes tooth decay in the first place.

Tooth decay requires three ingredients: germs, food, and unprotected teeth. The mouth swarms with bacteria. These germs especially like to colonize the grooves and pits of the teeth and gums as well as places where the teeth touch each other. These bacteria, along with mucus and food particles, form the sticky whitish stuff called plaque that coats the teeth.

The acid produced while eating your meal is still not the total story.

The third requirement for creating cavities is unprotected teeth. Teeth go unprotected for a number of reasons:

  • genetics- inheriting weak enamel.
  • nooks and crannies created by nature or by dental work such as fillings, crowns, and bridges.
  • poor oral hygiene habits.
  • an insufficient supply of saliva, caused by either illness or certain medications.

Preventing Cavities By Consuming Protective Foods

Some foods seem to exert a protective effect on teeth.

Some Cheeses

The chewiness and taste of cheeses such as Swiss, Edam, Gouda, provolone, and cheddar stimulate saliva flow. And the calcium and phosphates they contain form a protective barrier against plaque that helps slow mineral loss from tooth enamel.


The real item, not licorice-flavored candy, has antiseptic properties in the mouth. Licorice root makes a pleasant tasting tea. Oolong and green tea has also been found to reduce cavities. They contain polyphenols as well, and its tannins have an antiseptic effect in the mouth.


May also help combat cavities. Not only does cocoa contain bacteria-inhibiting tannins, but it is also alkaline – a chemical property that helps neutralize mouth acids.


Seem to neutralize acids in the mouth. Fats in peanuts and chocolate coat the teeth, protecting them from acid. It may also kill germs in the mouth.

Crude fiber

Found mainly in raw fruits and vegetables helps clear acid-forming carbohydrates out of the mouth quickly.

Best Advice

Stick to a dietary tactic where you provide a balanced diet high in vitamins and minerals.

Calcium and phosphorus found in foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Vitamins A and C found in fresh fruits and vegetables which promote healthy gums and provide immunity against bacteria.

And try to follow each meal with a good brushing. If in a place where one simply can’t brush, rinse mouth with warm water.

Looking for more…

I hope this post was helpful for you, and if you have any other tips for a healthy smile, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear your ideas!

foods for healty smile


Find out which protective foods to consume to prevent cavities for a healthy smile

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