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Today, we are having a change of direction as I thought it would be super cool to introduce to you some other amazing bloggers and their blogs.

So this new series will be making a regular appearance.

Blogging is super fun and it’s so great to have blogging friends and be a member of the blogging community, for that I’m extremely thankful.

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Anyhow, I hope these are both informative and entertaining and you get to know someone new.


This week we have the awesome…Yvonne from Randomly Creative

I ask everyone who wants to be featured to answer a few questions so that we can get to know them and their blog so I’m excited for you all to get to know Yvonne a little better!


1| Tell us a bit about you and your blog.

My name is Yvonne Wabai, and I am the creator and editor of the website Randomly Creative. I started Randomly Creative way back in 2014 as a creative outlet for my poetry and short stories but, over time, it’s grown to be so much more than that.

I now do social commentary articles as well as articles on mental and physical health. I also recently introduced a new section – RC International – that features 3 languages: Kiswahili, Korean, and French. Being that I am multilingual, I speak 5 languages, I wanted to introduce that to Randomly Creative.

My audience is also incredibly diverse and it’s always great to read content in your language. Website translating options do exist, but sometimes they don’t work all that well; the translations may be faulty. Also, I got a lot of questions pertaining to my being multilingual and I thought starting RC International would provide a good platform for me to address that.

A lot of my writing is drawn from my experiences. For example, you’ll find tips to surviving university on my website because I went to university; you’ll find health articles because I’ve studied pathology and I’ve also had, unfortunately, several personal experiences with health issues. That’s Randomly Creative in a nutshell.


2| What inspired you to start your blog and become a blogger?

I’ve always loved writing, and so I thought blogging was a good idea. In 2014, blogging hadn’t really taken off, at least not in many places yet, like it has today. It wasn’t the phenomenon that it is today, so I was really lost. I didn’t have that many options I could go to for help. I didn’t even know that many bloggers. I’m so glad to see the community has grown.


3| What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

I like that I have control over my content. It’s my vision and my direction.


4| Describe your blog in three words.

Fun. Dynamic. Thought-provoking.


5| What’s your favorite blog post that you wrote? Tell us about it.

I’ve never thought of which blog post is my favorite, but, thinking of it now, it would have to be a tie between The Fresher’s Guide to University and Answering FAQs About PCOS.

I wrote the fresher’s guide to university because I have two cousins who are currently freshers in university and I remember how confusing of a time that was for me and so I wrote this for them, and for other freshers.

However, the guide is applicable and useful to university students in other years as well. The guide contains 10 foolproof tips to surviving and thriving in university, including a much needed lesson on sex-ed and consent.

The article on PCOS, I have PCOS, which stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome, a multisystem disorder famously known for its effect on the ovaries, hence the name. It’s still not yet well understood, even by doctors who often typecast it as PCOS = ovary problems only and, surprisingly, most doctors don’t even know that the ovaries aren’t the cause of the disease but are one of the victims of the disease.

It’s not that there isn’t information about PCOS, it’s just that there is a communication gap between scientists and doctors, and this leaves patients suffering. So I wrote the article trying to bridge that gap. I’m actually supposed to write a follow-up article with the new information that has come up about the condition.


6| What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I’m usually studying. I love research. I actually just completed a research project on teratology and I’m working to get it published, hopefully. I also still take Korean lessons. Other than that, you can find me watching a movie.


7| What would your perfect day look like?

A perfect day for me is a ‘lazy day’. I’m always ‘on’ all the time, I need a day off, sometimes even a week or two off!

I’d wake up late and spend the day in my pajamas, eating weird food pairings just for fun, and dancing to my favorite playlist.


8| What would your closest friend/relative say is your best quality?

I don’t know, but perhaps that I’m impartial and just?


9| What’s your top tip for getting traffic to your blog?

Getting your SEO skills in order and promoting on social media. Promoting on social media can be tough and people especially tend to dislike that part, but it’s quite important in creating traffic for your site.


10| What’s the best advice you could give to a beginner blogger?

Benchmark. Have an idea of what you want to blog to be, and then, before you start, look around to find blogs in a similar circle/niche/category as yours and observe them.

Observe and learn. Ask questions. Google blogging tips.

It’s always good to go in knowing what you’re getting in to. However, try not to overwhelm yourself. Blogging is a learning process. You’re going to start your blog and still find there’s a lot you don’t know; you’ll learn as you go. Some things you learn through personal experience.



I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Yvonne today through those questions. Don’t forget to check out Randomly Creative. If you want to follow Yvonne on social media, you can do so through on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you would like to be our next featured blogger of the week, all you need to do is fill in the questionnaire below.


Vickie Louise
Vickie Louise
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