12 Must Have Apps for Bloggers: Essential Blogging Apps

by Vickie Louise

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Sometimes as a blogger, we aren’t always right in front of our computers to get things done. We’re often managing projects for our blog while traveling, running errands, or even waiting in line at the grocery store.

This is why, having a solid set of apps on your phone to make that easier, is a must!

These 12 must-have apps for bloggers that I’ve found most effective in helping me complete some of my most important tasks, easily, from anywhere, and at any time.

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Wherever your blog lives, you should have the app on your phone. If something comes up, you can easily fix it even if you’re not able to log in from a computer.


Many affiliate programs and virtual assistants use PayPal as a method to send money back and forth. Keeping this handy in an app form can help you get and make payments quicker.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app is perfect no matter what blogging platform you are on and can do basic Photoshop functions such as crop, edit, or even correct an image.


Pinterest isn’t just used for doing your social media on the go. You can look for trends and even pin from group boards using the app.


Whether I’m sitting in front of a computer or writing while on the go, having this app is great for double checking words and even has a thesaurus feature.

Google Analytics

Being able to check your site’s traffic while being on the go is a must! Especially if you are traveling and will be away from your computer for a while.

Google Keep

If you are looking for a great note taking app that can also organize your thoughts, this is the app that can do it all! You can share it across multiple platforms such as your phone, tablet, and computer to make sharing information easier.


All too often I’ve gotten the email letting me know my account has been disconnected while I’m not able to login to a computer! You can check on your social media channels while you’re on the go, and reconnect accounts if you need to.


This app is a must! Especially if you have a visual website. Having the app handy allows me to respond to comments quickly while I’m on the go, and upload photos as they’re happening.

Google Docs

If I have a lot of time to spare, sometimes it can be nice to crank out a blog post while I’m waiting for a car repair or if I’m feeling a burst of information while I’m out of the house.


This app is great for organizing all your documents, information, and just taking notes as well. Evernote is also great for crafting a quick to do list.


Have you ever found an article but wished you could save it for later? That is exactly what this app does! Don’t miss anything that comes across your newsfeed while you’re too busy!

You don’t need a lot of apps in order to get things done, but these 12 certainly can help you get work done when you’re not on your desktop.

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essential blogging apps

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